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By Promise Chandilanga

Having won the trust of both the young and the elderly with its information rich songs and educative radio plays among others, award winning Zathu Band is set to release a music video Chinzathu Ichichi on the 10th of September 2018, the brand has announced.

The announcement was made last Friday when Zathu band had a courtesy call to the Malawi Youth Parliament on the 31st August. This was the day the August house, comprising of youth parliamentarians, was having its second meeting since 2016.

The impending music video presents a continuum of the friendship of the six band members on their quest to bridging the gender gap that forms centre stage in most of Malawian societies.

Unlike their first video ‘Zimatere zimatere’ which showcased how the 6 friends in the band met and formed a group, this upcoming video shows how this friendship (that started way back) is being supported by relations and the society.

Chinzathu ichichi (literary, Our friendship) video, which was ‘premiered’ during the earlier highlighted parliamentary session exhibited the pivotal role parents, teachers, elders and guardians play in maintaining relations that benefit individuals and brings unity.

So, why did Zathu Band opt for the Youth Parliament?

According to the Senior Partnership Manager for Girl Effect, (a parent brand for Zathu brand) Zilanie Gondwe, presenting the new music video at the Youth parliamentary meeting was an inspiring feat.

Said she, “The purpose of the visit was to report back to the parliament what we’ve been doing in the past one and a half year. When we launched Zathu in April 2017, we came here and show cased the first ever video of ‘Zimatere zimatere’, so we thought that if this time around we bring it here to show and inspire our dear young parliamentarians, they will be in remembrance of what we promised and what we’ve managed to do in between this period. And this will enable them to urge others in their respective districts to know more about Zathu.”

Blissful future

There appears to be more in stock for Zathu in six months from now. In her presentation, Zilanie revealed that her brand was going to add more man power as brand ambassadors in 14 districts of the country.

In addition, Zilanie also revealed that the Zathu Magazine publication will be in stock by December 2018. From there, according to her, the publication will be coming twice a year and will be distributed to schools and youth clubs.

On a sad note, as Zathu paWailesi’s season 3 radio magazine programme is coming to an end, listeners would also bid farewell to one of the play’s iconic characters, Annetti, birth name Nyokase Madise who (the character) is set to relocate to Mzuzu. In the play, Annetti played the role of an orphan, but as it is coming to an end, she has located her family in the Green City and she wants to reunite with them.

Won’t Annetti’s departure demotivate listeners?

“Not at all!” Annetti does not think that way.

“I ask our fans to keep on listening to Zathu pa Wailesi radio shows, and understand that in a play people come and go, the story continues but the legacy remains therefore no initial changes will be made to the story. So keep on listening to Zathu’s shows and look out for the new video track to be released on the 10th of September,” advises she.



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