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By Emmanuel Chitambuli Timothy.

Knowledge is power so they say. Where there is dearth of knowledge, catastrophe is the only guaranteed outcome.

For centuries, human kind has always devised plans of overcoming poverty. Almost from adolescence upwards, every soul does search for a path to success. Where success fails, pandemonium becomes the order of the day. To avoid that, various persons do run up and down fetching ways of eking meaningful incomes.

But from observation, most Malawians youths have been finding the going tough economically. No wonder, it is becoming common site for various roving youths embarking on unsteady econosmic activities like saloon businesses, selling of sausages and taking orders for products that are bought in Malawi’s neighboring countries so as to make ends meet.

Digging deeper into such deals, it is evident those shoddy endeavors do not last. Often times, most of these financial activities are not done in good faith; rather aim at covering up their frustration arising courtesy of failure to complete formal education, and early pregnancies, among others.

Overall, as years pass, such a generation is bound to be delinquent. Having added no value in their lives, the future of such youths is gloomed.

It is such a sorry sight that has attracted various social commentators who have decried the tendency by most Malawian youths of venturing into short-term entrepreneurship with limited technical and theoretical know-how.

According to Joseph Chidwala, a youthful Mzuzu-Based small-scale entrepreneur, most youths lack mechanisms of sustaining their businesses, which results in premature deaths of their respective enterprises.

“There is a big challenge in the first place as many youths do not conduct research on a business they want to venture into. These youths mimic what their friends are doing in various business centers. As a result, they find that the particular economic activities are flooded hence more frustration and embarrassment to their dear lives.” He observed.

However, Chidwala highly praised the youths’ efforts of developing their lives without necessarily waiting for various stakeholders to offer them formal employment.

“The said hiccups aside, the youths are doing commendable feats; taking necessary steps to change their status quos without waiting for their parents or guardians and organizations to secure employments for them,” he commended.

Another revered social, and economic commentator, Emily Mkamanga also echoed Chidwala’s observations that dearth of proper business management skills amongst the youths is a suicide in waiting.

“In many scenarios, young people fail to progress with life simply because they are getting small amount of money when they venture into a temporal business which they exercise in order to hide some misfortunate they met in this life.” She observed.

Likeminded, Tiyane Nyirenda, who has vested knowledge working with the youths, lamented the lack of human and resource development knowledge in financial and business management to be the devil killing the said groups.

Lamented Nyirenda: “It is a sad development that our country is still lagging in terms of human and material resource to provide comprehensive support and mentorship programs to our youths. If such programs were available, then much of our youths in various communities could have been excelling even those in temporal economic activities.”

So, in the absence of the said financial management skills, our country will still be a bedlam of youths who will never excel, business wise. As it stands, our beautiful ladies will still be masquerading in various hair dressing saloons, not out of choice, but out of frustrations of making ends meet. Their male counterparts, on the other hand, will still be running aimless errands all in the name of finding Kwachas for their everyday survival.





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