Let’s go and vote!

Youths arise. Let’s go and vote!


By Nellisah Tembo

Confirmed! It is the 23rd of June 2020. Elections are back.

Election fever is all over the place. Political zealots are trying so hard to convince their fellows to vote for this party or that party. Every radio station, every television station, every newspaper it is all about the forth coming fresh presidential election.

But now, the question is, as youths, what more can we do aside engaging in series of political debates with our peers?

It is very unfortunate that in Malawi, voting is mostly seen as a waste of time for the young folk. We tend to view it as something left for the elders. We tell ourselves we don’t have time to go stand on a queue and cast a vote. But hey, in the end the government “they” put in place will affect us all, be it positively or negatively. So why not take part? Let’s make that step now and consider voting.

We are in an era where youths are engaging in various activities to make a living. The talk of entrepreneurship has sunk so deep in our minds that we are determined to make it work. But guess what? We can’t get a great deal in all our endeavors if we stay out of political participation, in this case voting.

Let’s go out and vote to put in position that government we need. Enough with the talks and debates, take action and decide who you want to be in power by voting. Those ideas we are hatching in our heads will need an enabling environment to be out to practice. An enabling environment comes with the government of the day. That is why we need to go and cast our vote. If we leave that to the elders to make a choice for us, they will choose according to what they envision. They will choose leaders who will represent their needs. Again, we will be left out.

We no longer say youths are the leaders of tomorrow. We are in a world where we need youths to run things. Well, this running of things begins with us going to cast our vote. Us taking a lead in voting and bringing about the change we need. Youths are the leaders of today. We want change, let’s take part in that change by voting.

So, to those of us who registered and thinking of giving up on voting, I’m here to remind you that every vote counts. And a vote from a youth like you matters even more. We fought for these elections to happen. We cannot say we won the fight, if come the D-day we will stay in our homes and watch others choose for us. It’s time we rise as youths, in large numbers and go cast our vote. Tell a friend to tell a friend that change is in our hands. Vote!

The question we need to ask ourselves is, if we do not vote then who will do it for us? Who are we leaving the responsibility to make a decision for us? Let’s vote so that we put the people we need in power. It begins with making a choice to go and vote.



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