Tapiwa Shongah

Youthful Tapiwa lands gold in fashion designing


By Yankho Mkandawire

The creative industry is fast becoming a gold mine for most youths in the country with fashion and designing becoming a hot industry for urban youths. No wonder, Tapiwa Shongah ventured into this fast-growing industry as a means of bringing bread and butter on her table.

The 21-year-old Shongah is of the view that it’s high time most Malawian youths ventured into self-employment after their academic sojourns. According to her, with creativity, hard work and innovation, entrepreneurship has what it takes to bring meaningful economic transformation.

“Gone are the days when we, the youths, had to think of being employed all the time; self-employment is another avenue that can, and does bring bread on the table,” she enlightens.

Trading under Tapiwa Creations, Shongah has seen her life being transformed for the better courtesy of her exploits in entrepreneurship.

“I design and sew clothes for clients and through this business, I have managed to fetch for myself. I’m independent now, I no longer rely on my parents anymore. I’m my own master!” challenges she.

Ever-green Shongah admits that she faces stiff competition in her field because there are other established creative fashion designers who command a great customer base. However, she’s optimistic that her unique touch sets her clothing line apart from the rest.

“I strive to come up with new designs every time to beat the competition. My clothes are always latest in fashion such that most clients get satisfied and they really see the real value for their money,” she said.

A message to girls

Shongah believes every person, girls in particular need to stop looking down upon themselves if they’re to succeed in life. She says if they can have sober principles and ensure they’re harnessed to the fullest, theirs could be another garden of Eden, full of goodie-goodies.

She advises, “It’s high time we stopped looking down on ourselves; everyone has to start somewhere and you can start from a scratch too. Girls who underrate themselves have to emulate my example and should not be discouraged”.   

The Lilongwe-based Shongah holds a certificate in fashion designing obtained at Lilongwe Vocational Training College in 2018.



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