By John Chikheba Jnr.

Some time back, we had introduced this issue, and mostly we looked at some of the justifications young Malawians are trekking either to Mzansi or the Queen’s land for fortune.

This week, we will look at the other side of this brain drain. From this side, the author is of the view that young Malawians can do better with their lives than heading to these ‘land of opportunities’. Imagine, where Malawi could have been if all the brains who have forsaken Malawi were to be here, contributing to the national development in their various areas of expertise.

So, without wasting much of your time, here’s why the author is of the view that Malawi is the best place for one to make their own name, without necessarily heading for international waters.

There’s no good feeling one can have than living in your country, amongst your folks. Oftentimes, most of our colleagues who have trekked to RSA or the UK used dubious means to be there. In short, they are staying in those countries illegally. Day in day out, they are running up and down hiding from the long arm of the internal affairs ministry officials. (their own versions of Immigration officials). Of course, not all are in this situation, but a large percentage is. There’s no peace of mind of what is to befall these souls as daylight emerges.

Absence of one’s piece of mind breeds more miseries. You talk of bribing immigration officials to failure to enjoy such amenities as having bank accounts, challenges in accessing medical aid, access to free education services, among others.

That aside, such a lack of peace of mind means retarded personal development. How can you develop yourself when there’s no guarantee of a personal happiness?

That’s not all. Often times, the nature of jobs that our brothers and sisters perform is an insult to us, the home folk. At times, you tend to wonder how somebody could leave the comfort of the motherland and embarrass theirselves with such mediocre jobs. To some of us, we feel it’s a sign of laziness for one to trek down South without even trying hard here. You go to Mzimba, Nkhata-Bay, and Mangochi, for example, most youths there don’t even give it a trial. To them, when you reach a certain age, you are supposed to head down South.

What if all these youths had tried something here, couldn’t our country have been somewhere? Isn’t this a sign of weakness? What if we could sit down and properly calculate how we can best help ourselves as the youth before we just think of heading outside Malawi? How come others are able to make it right here?

Anyway, we can go on and on forsaking our fellow youths who are heading down South or The UK for greener pastures. Of course, others do have valid reasons, but overall, I feel we can do better by adding value to ourselves and try our lack right here. If others have made it here, why not us?



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