By Patience Ngulube LUNDA.

Dreaming is cheap; but working towards the realization of your dreams is what separates men from boys.

The first mark of identifying the next best thing into the league of extraordinary gentlemen is their zeal in working towards the actualization of their dreams.

We all dream. In fact, most of us do dream in colors (as one Late Bingu would have told you). However, realizing that life is more than just a mere art of dreaming, but the actualization of the same is now something else.

That is how one Emmanuel Chabwera is defining his legendary status via his childhood dream of musical production.

Born 21 years ago, Chabwera, better-known by his alias, Eril is a name that needs no adjectives to sugar-coat his impact on the 265 urban music podium.

Have a feel of Tsar Leo’sThe other Side”, It’sFriday’s ‘Melanie’, ‘Moments in my City, a duet between Tsar Leo and Home Grown, and recently, Kupa’s “Cinnamon”. From then, you would have a feel of the crafty handiworks that Eril is. That is how he is walking tall in town; music production.


2013 is the year when his curiosity over a software called FL studio got the better of him. Too curious was he that he started making frequent visits to his pal who had expertise in the software’s operation.

“That’s how I learnt how to bend the beats,” he recalls

To date, Eril is one of the household names in the urban music circles. And according to him, there’s cash in music production, currently.

“Music is growing in Malawi and soon producers will be able to make millions out of music production alone and I am profiting from it because I make more than I invested,” he explained.

Eril’s Studio

The down turn

Imagine thinking of creating something and no matter your input, you do fail to perfect it. In such scenarios, what do you do? Such are frequent encounters these men in the booth bump day in day out.

“Producing music can really get frustrating and to stay motivated during such times is very hard,” complained Eril.

The balance between the booth, and academic life

Balancing time for his academic studies at the Malawi College of Accountancy, and his Eril-side of life is no small boy’s endeavor.

“It’s really hard to balance school and music production and in the end I tend to favor one more than the other and in this case, studio work,” confessed Eril.


The Future

This energetic young music producer hopes to take his music production to the next level and anticipates reaching out to revered international urban artists.

“Of course, I have dreams; my wish is to be internationally recognized and work with the who and who’s in the game,” hopes he.


Dr Dre, Quincy Jones, Joe Meek, George Martin and many other music producers are making it big out of this profession, why not with a Malawian youth?

Possibly, not everything is gone. And imaginably, music production could be a profession worthy attempting so long as one plays the cards sensibly.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work (Colin Powel)










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