Over the years, the Music Philosopher has listened to countless hit songs that that have come to be synonymous with anthems for a certain city, or region. Such songs, are of a kind that are the just feel-so-good as they promote the respective areas or cities of origin of the respective artists.

Internationally, we have ever had such songs as Detroit City by Eminem and D12 featuring Obbie Trice, Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, Compton by Gorilla Black and Beenieman, and locally, we’ve ever had such tracks as well. You talk of Blantyre City by FFT, Timakhala ku Blantyre by Nelson Katsache and Annie Matumbi, and also L City by Phyzix, Third Eye and D1 among others. In all these songs, the striking resemblance was way too easy to miss. As anthems, the artists really killed these songs. One could easily appreciate the creativity in both the productions and the lyrical prowesses.

It was with such a background that when I, the Music Philosopher got hold of the wind that you were to release a ‘national’ read regional anthem for the north, my blood started cruising a little bit faster; cruising out of excitement that finally, here come some patriotic young artists who wanna brag about their residential area/region. It was a good idea, and the Music Philosopher was excited. I waited.

It was released. But because of one reason or the other, I, the Music Philosopher had been so very tied up that I didn’t have that free time to download and sample your tune. Once in a while, however, the Music Philosopher could peep through the top ten downloaded songs on this site, and the traffic coming as a result of your song was impressive. 50 thousand plus downloads is no mean feat. The Music Philosopher was excited. He downloaded the song.

Holy Mary mother of Jesus!!! The excitement that the Music Philosopher had, quickly weaned off the very last minute the song faded, to mark the end of it. This is one of those songs that can top the list of the whackest territorial anthems of all times, nationally. From the look of things, the song was done rather haphazardly. Save for one or two artists who really murdered the beat, the rest simply didn’t deserve to be there.

Most of the featured artists were either off keys or are just in the wrong field; music ain’t their thing. Akapange zina. The lyrical punchlines could make one quit listening to music, really!

Secondly, how can it be a territorial anthem when you excluded the current hottest upcoming artist from your region? You know him. That little lyrical genius who’s the talk of the town in your region. Should we start speculating that you were wary of him stealing the show?

I know, your argument is going to be that you’ve managed to command a mammoth download in as few weeks. Yeah! That’s true! But the Music Philosopher is also telling you that downloads can mean anything! By the mere mention of the song title, it gives a very big impression hence many of us, end users, get attracted to sample it, only to be frustrated later on.

Tell you what? You don’t run that shit!! You’re way behind for you to start claiming the bragging rights of the region. How can upcoming artists claim to be running the shit? Isn’t that a joke of the century? Stay in your lane, don’t get too excited. Nobody knows you yet.

So, before I the Music Philosopher signs out, hear this; the concept was so awesome; but the delivery was just whack! Next time involve mature artists who can really kill the beat. Ever thought what the impact could have been had you included that dancehall family from Katoto? What goodies could they have brought? What about that hoarse voiced rap goddess? Lady Fire? Couldn’t your have been a”run-this-shit” if it could have involved the who and whos from the region? In one sentence, bro, you’ve delivered a shambles. Mwatibera!

Watch out before you start claiming you run this shit because, shit is gonna run you, as it has done here!

Click below and listen to this song “Run North”

Click here [Run North]



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