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“YOU CAN NEVER GO BROKE WITH A RICH MIND!” Third Eye preaches in Rich Mind


Review By Lonjezo Idrissa

  • Artist: Third Eye
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Producer: Cap 10

There’s a very gigantic misconception that marries rap music to violence, drugs, swearing, cash, and sex. Much as a couple of songs under this genre have glorified the above highlighted issues, there is more to rap music than those social ills. Countless songs have addressed various positivities via the same rap bus, both locally, and internationally.

Locally, celebrated but highly underrated rap god, Third Eye, AKA Mandela is just that example who, in his track, Rich Mind, goes on advising uptown youngsters, advocating for ways of improving their livelihoods for the better tomorrow of theirselves.

Creatively assembled by Cap 10, Rich Mind is an inspirational piece that aims at reaching the deeper souls of those M-Dubz youngsters who are at the pangs of low self-esteem. It directly touches their hearts to turn their negativities about themselves into some fuel for success.

For those with a critical eye, rather, with a third eye as Mandela, deficiency in self-esteem is one of the greatest vices that are not only counter-productive to personal development but also the country’s in general.

Having noted that, Mandela goes on a rampage offering free take-it-or-leave it lessons enlightening young Malawians on the ingredients of a successful adult life. His advocacy is simple; you’re the master of your own fate. The first verse bears it all.

“Life is what you’re making

Every day is a choice

You gotta reach inside yourself when you found your voice

Find your feet, you gotta move yourself.

Ain’t nobody give a damn until you improve yourself,

That is not all. If there is another counter-productive stunt that makes most Malawian businesses plummet, then it is Malawians’ attitude on theirselves once they have occupied the ‘holy’ seat of success. Examples are plenty whereby business ventures have tumbled with a Malawian at the helm and yet it becomes successful when being run by a foreigner or a Malawian of foreign origin, you talk of Asians, or Burundians.

Towards the end of the first verse, Third Eye’s verbal outages continue as he provides some tid-bits of remaining ‘up there.”

True worth is health

If you want to be rich and dare

You can suit yourself

Or you can suit yourself

And sound the best and show up on a Monday

Which is a self-respect

This is self-reflect,

when you open a deal coz that’s the only way you can close a deal

And then you cash your cheque,

Save first, capitalised then invest

If you are a youngster, .and you think riches or academic papers or what-have-yous are going to make you successful, then Rich Mind is indeed specially meant for you. In the hook, Third Eye unravels the real secret for success; Rich Mind. According to Mandela, applied knowledge is the key to being there.

Referring to his situation as an artist, Mandela says being ambitious is the key to one’s future fortune. He argues that having a positive mindset about one’s ideas is the root to a successful rise to stardom.

You can never go broke with a rich mind,

So I see everything as a dollar sign,

So I use my own mind and a gold mine,

When it comes to a destiny I can show mine

Second verse sees Mandela using imagery from the animal kingdom in advising fellow youths on how they can stay focused enroute to their success.

You gutta eat like a lion

Take care of your pride

Save your energy for the future undefined

You gutta be a leopard

Always stay focused

Never get destructed,

In literature, and communication in general, there is this unwritten code that a strong conclusion spices up a message at hand. Being a veteran in the game, Third Eye duly does that by summing up the whole message via repetition of the scintillating hook.

You can never go broke with a rich mind

So I see everything as a dollar sign

So I use my own mind and a gold mine,

When it comes to a destiny I can show mine

Listening to Rich Mind, one cannot need a second thought for them to remove their hats and bow down, hailing King Third Eye for a super-rich mind-blowing rap hit.

So whoever says rap is all about ‘earthly riches’ then they are yet to listen to Rich Mind; a song that can change your mentality forever.



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