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By Aubrey levson

Fellow Young Generation, ever heard of Self-Fulfilling prophesy theory? Well, in short, it’s all about becoming what people say you are or what you believe you should be.  It’s a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true courtesy of the positive or negative feedbacks between belief and behavior.

The above notion simply means that often times, people, in this case, the Young Generation, can and do become who we are courtesy of what we believe in.

This is why it is important that we set desirable goals so as to shape our thinking into becoming whom we want.

Fellow Young Generation, it is no secret that if one wants to succeed, dreams, rather setting up plans is the first step. This is where self-belief becomes handy. You need to believe that you have the right mental capabilities to carry your dream all the way to materialization. You need to have both self-belief and self confidence that you, and only you can make it.

Having self-belief is just the genesis of the road ahead. Second stage is having the attitude to making it.  Attitude does develop overtime; it’s not a one day phenomenon. We all need to have the “I can” attitude to all our goals. Such a positive mind can make you devise proper ways of coining your strategies enroute to achieving your goals.

For some of us who are believers, the biblical David vs Goliath story is another milestone that can energize us to start believing in our dreams. David had self-belief. In the same way, if we feel we cannot make it, then there is no way we can put in efforts to make whatever it is happen.   If you want to achieve something, you need to give up the word “I can’t” and all of its relatives such as “I wish I were able to”, “I could have make it but” etc. Replace such statements with “How can I make it?” mantra. It’s that simple.

Fellow Young Generation, there’s no way others can believe in us if we do not believe in ourselves. In the same way, there’s no way we can we can succeed if we have no goals in life. And setting up goals is nothing but having belief in ourselves! Yes We can! It begins with us!!



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