• Both you and I have a big case to answer

By Macdonald Xhokiso Ziba.

I find it very smart that most of us were taught to believe in the creator as small children just like it’s common and shrewd for people to believe in the creator because almost everybody they know believe in the creator also. What if we should recognize that all children are taught to be nonbelievers? It would have worked too. The point here is, there is no child born with a religious belief. The stated facts stand firm and very correct. I am not a “terrorist,” I am a believer.

Is it wrong to seek or question so as long as you believe in the creator? We religious people have this belief that there’s a nosy onlooker in the sky, allegedly watching people’s every move and monitoring all their private thoughts. We believe the creator threatens to roast people eternally in a fiery torture chamber if he detects sin. Is this belief comforting?

Why have we deliberately ‘illegalized’ some of the questions, which if answered appropriately might give sound answers? Why do we give ourselves a limitation on the extent on how we must think about the creator and nature?

Of course, it’s simple to control what should part out of our lips. We can choose what we should think about, but not all the times. I mean what do you think triggers our instincts? Can we control what instincts we should possess and its source? So, why is it that we religious people condemn when someone is being so clear and real? (Following instincts that seek to find more on unanswered questions on the theological concepts for instance).

I am not a “terrorist,” I am a believer.

The belief is astounding how we praise the creator when explaining nature’s beauty and order. But where does the belief place the creator when nature cruelly victimizes millions of people through natural disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, lightning, fires, drought, starvation and epidemic disease? Cancer is, for the most part, a naturally occurring disorder, which all-too-frequently afflicts, and prematurely kills, innumerable animal and plant life forms (Sagan D. 2006). We have a case to answer.

You must understand that while nature is beautiful and purposeful, it is just as often vicious and chaotic. For every new baby born in the maternity ward, there is, down the hall, a lonely old man dying in the cancer ward.

You, I, and other religious people are masters of selective observation; counting the hits and ignoring the misses. Anything perceived as attractive or orderly is counted as evidence for the creator’s wonders (Sagan D. 2006). But anything nature offers that is incongruous or in disorder is unnoticed, or we see it but we ignore it.

The answers can’t come to us by themselves. Our question is the password to their access. The sad thing is that we are so intimidated by whatsoever to ask. Some people have found refuge in the name of “faith” to shield realities of this earthly life.

I am not a “terrorist,” I am a believer.

How daring you might think I am to tell you that you are a stupid fool to have faith in the: Bible, Quran and other great religious doctrines where we believe all answers rest but fail to ask not because you don’t have the questions but because you are captured by fear for whatever reasons? How then, did you come to believe in your religious belief? Were you taught as a child? Was it because your family or most of people you know believe? I mean do you understand it when you point a finger at yourself and say, “I believe”?

I have observed that most of us treat the word “faith” as if it were an order given to a soldier. Why do we have to hide in the name of faith? Like seriously, can the creator be happy when you are a slave of faith? I thought we are in the creator’s image; we have to comprehend when we believe in something rather than follow orders like a robot.

“Not all questions have answers.” Very true. It’s true too that when you can’t explain something you might rush into saying the phrase (not all questions have answers). Ask around and you will agree that the people around you can be very helpful.



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