By Catherine Patience Jimu

TNM super league is here again!!! How time flies!

Receive my warmest greetings my dearest soccer fans whose attachment for sports, soccer in particular is immeasurable. By the way let me also welcome Airtel top 8 and the English premier league final games.

Dear sport men and women, I am a soccer die hard. Both local and international soccer excite my veins. I literally worship soccer. This is why I’m more than happy personally, that the elite TNM super league is but around the corner.

I am not your average girl for I grew up loving sports with football my main priority.  Every weekend, it’s either I’m on TV glued to Laliga or the English Premier league or I’m hooking to my tattered mobile handset listening via the various radio stations around.

So, the break from the TNM Super league really pierced some of our souls for I personally was used to this life; life of soccer.

And talking of soccer commentaries. Whew! The liberalization of our radio industry came with it the boom of radio stations. And as one way of breaking the then monopoly that was the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation radios in covering local soccer, there cometh various soccer commentators (from various radio stations). And a variety of them we have, from Danger Left winger (Times Radio) to Mike Bango et al on ZBS to ovalachiya Dedricht from MIJ FM.

All things being equal, these personalities have really assisted us a lot in bringing us closer to our various soccer pitches countrywide.   

My admiration however ends there.

Gone are the days when Steve Liwewe Banda, and Geoffrey Msampha used to rock the airwaves vividly painting what was going on in our respective soccer pitches. When they say old is good, these were some of the testimonies.

The new breed of radio soccer commentators leave us with nothing but winces day in day out. Every time I tune in to the various radio stations when it’s a match day, I usually end up being so upset with one thing or another more especially how some commentators are really slow and how some use words that make me angry. I am not sure if am the only one who gets really upset with the two things.

Come to think of it there are football fans who are really attached who even cry for their loved team and then we expose them to words like “aitchola mano, aikang’antha blablabla!” What the heck are all those adjectives for? Are such exaggerations necessary?  

We have had cases where we see soccer fans kill each other after matches and we give bad comments mainly because we have never got so attached to something before. Sport is an idol to many people.

I am not trying to criticize your work guys but my opinion is that you guys just over do it; like look at the pressure after the games or within the games. Basically I will target the radio part because 90% of sports fans are very close to the radio, so I feel for every soccer fan out there.

I have also come across the commentators who literally make an otherwise beautiful match boring! What every Malawian at every corner of the country looks for in a sports commentator is to make every minute of the game lively. So we see those one minded commentators who do things as if they have been forced. I keep saying no one can handle sports without being passionate. Sports is not like every beat in the media faculty.

Then let me conclude with the slow ones who even make us forget we are listening to a live match due to how slow they are in when commentating. Their times we even sleep to how slow the game is being covered. Give us the energy, the passion the best game coverage that we long for.

Well, I can go on and on and on unearthing some of the miseries that hit our eardrums courtesy of you, our sports, read, soccer commentators. Unfortunately, time is against me, I have to go.

It’s my sincere hope that as the elite TNM Super league season kicks off, we are going to be served with the most delicious commentaries ever!

Until then, let soccer reigns!!

Yours in Sports,




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