WORD ART POET; Kennedy Kaula

BIRTH DAY; 5th February 1994

OCCUPATION: a student at the Malawi Polytechnic (studying Architecture)


My interest in writing, and poetry in particular evolved whilst in my secondary school years (at Luwinga in Mzuzu) around 2010. I got serious interest in a man, Jim Juman Johnson, who had claimed to be the son to the late founder of the Malawi nation, Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Kennedy Kaula

I wrote an article on that issue and presented it to my deputy head teacher, who, later gave me a go-ahead to publish it on the school’s notice board. The title was, KAMUZU’S SON IN TOWN. That alone, fueled up the literary instincts in me.

Later on, I pondered on trying something new. That’s when I had thought of crafting some poems. And my very first poem was titled, ‘LAZINESS OR MADNESS. It was a revelation of how Mathematics (as a subject) caused jitters in the spines of most secondary school students.

I was more energized the moment I was hearing many students who were claiming that the said poem was not my own handwork as the language flow was beyond the level of a secondary school student. That’s when I realized the poet in me. “The notice board made me the secondary school celebrity.” And that’s how I started poetry.


I’ve always believed that all of us are born poets. I am a spoken word poet. Spoken word poetry can be traced to the art of folktales; where grannies had to be so creative to paint a picture of the half human and half hyena creature from their tales into our minds. Most of us have hence grown up with that listening skill that impacts fully in our lives. And you know Spoken poetry makes sense, most of it does. In short as to why poetry, it’s because poetry always wins.

Well, poetry is a very powerful art. At least I believe so. Or at least it depends on the type of poetry that one is into.


I have managed to reach out to a wider context through Televisions and Radios and have inspired many young poets. I have performed in many places including at the BICC when Annie Kansiime, the Ugandan comedian visited Malawi (Thanks to Q. Malewezi).

I am part of the group Sapitwa Poetry which is so known for the Anti-Albino Killings Campaign. it carried in the year 2016 (Big mention to Robert Chiwamba). Sapitwa Poetry has a website. Some of my poems and many other poems by different Malawian poets can be downloaded from the website www.sapitwapoetry.com


This is a hard question now that the world is full of poetry gurus. Many poets would stand as my role models if it’s allowed to have several role models. These range from Yankho Seunda, Marumbo Sichinga, all the way to Suli Breaks, Phindu Banda, Sumeya Issa, Hew Poet to Q Malewezi. There is of course a genius me inside myself that I don’t see in any other poet. This me is my number one role model. I hope he comes out someday day.


My secret to good poems is a good poet. So I try to be a good poet first before I write poems. A good poet is humble and respects nature. He talks to it and with it. He asks for poems and nature gives them to him. I mention nature because that’s where my poetry inspiration lies.


To have a full album, as well as own a modern studio (sound recording and videography) where I can be recording all my poems and those of all other upcoming artists for free. I am not sure when. Above all, I just wanna be alive and help poetry get back its respect. It’s light has always been around shining faintly especially here in our nation. I wanna help return the brightness


Well, as upcoming poets grow up let them grow up with their poetry. Poetry is sacred. Don’t write a poem within thirty minutes just because there is no beat you are supposed to follow. Remember that out there, your poem will define what kind of poet you are, but you have the chance before writing it to define what kind of poetry it has to be


I have naturally orderly-shaped eyebrows which many girls think are a result of tweezing.

Note Malawi: “If the same poetry that has been recited unto you was recited in other countries, the citizens there would have trembled with respect and amazement.” To God Be the Glory.

Profile compiled by: JUSTIN MKWEU



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