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ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Davis.

As a lady, the Sexy Diva actually feels disgusted with the male folk shows no respect for women. Growing up in a family where her father respected Sexy Diva’s mum, she has grown up appreciating the importance of respecting each other. Women deserve dignity and love; just like their male counterparts.

This week, The Sexy Diva talks about the need for the human kind to respect women in all spheres of life. If we really love peace, and harmony, let us refrain from doing the following; for the sake of our women.

Don’t Make Rape Jokes on Women

Whenever you crack a joke, make sure you don’t insinuate anything related to rape; it makes, us females puke. Rape is one thing we, the female folks don’t wanna be hearing day in day out. The more you worship rape, the evil you shall appear unto our world. Glorifying rape means you’re accepting that that disgusting act is normal; well, it isn’t! If you think those rape sentiments are funny, wait until your sister, your daughter, you mum or even your girl falls victim to this barbaric act, that’s when you’re gonna appreciate the evils of rape.

Rape survivors have to be respected

We have survivors of rape (sexual violence) outside there battling the unforgettable memories the rapist ingested in them. All these female victims deserve respect. No second thoughts about that. Never poke fun of their situation. Imagine if it were your mother, wife, daughter or cousin? You’ve no right to blame the rape victims. Blame the rapist.

Never insult a woman

If you can’t have her, if she doesn’t fall for you, never name-call her stupid names. Learn to understand that a No is a No. Never disrespect a woman by calling her all sorts of names just because she doesn’t want to hang around with you. A woman, just like any human being, has the right to freedom of choices; never force her into submitting so as to please you.

Women are not objects

Know that women are not objects that you get to use for your own benefit. Women should be treasured. Women are kind, generous, and beautiful human beings that deserve as much respect as you can give. Never call them names that make them feel less human. They are as human as we are. They have feelings, emotions and also do get hurt; Just like males, or any other human being.

A real man never insults nor disrespect the dignity of a woman. A real man cares for her woman. A real man creates a better place for all. Are you a real man?



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