Older black man dating a younger lady


ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Fiona Jacques Manda (La Femme Fatale)

Bonjour mon amis! Je suis tres bon, et tues? The new look Sexy Diva, flexing her French linguistic muscles.

Back to business. Firstly, let me wish you an amazing 2019. The Classy Sexy Diva is pretty convinced most of her fans enjoyed the just ended festive season. If you didn’t, well, there’s always another day.

2019 is here, and as usual, yours Classy Sexy Diva is here to offer some insights into your sexual lives.

Towards the end of last year, many of the Classy One’s close associates were busy flooding her inbox with perplexed minds as to why the SD opts for relatively older gents at the expense of boys of her age group. As a matter of fact, The Pretty Sexy One is in love with some super-gorgeous and super loving fella, a little bit older that Yours Truly and her age group as well.

For starters, the Classy Sexy Diva keeps her private life that way. However, looking at the magnitude of the inquiries hitting her inbox on the issue in question, she felt concerned. Concerned not with herself but with her peers for she realized they were in the land of ignorance; they are in dire need of fresh knowledge, rather insight onto the goodies of dating a dude way older than thyself. So, before The Classy One shares more info about her newest catch, let her expound her choice in detail.

Fellow Sexy Divaz, there are a zillion goodies in dating older dudes way past your age group.

Firstly, it’s all about maturity. Wine tastes better with age, so too are relationships. Gone are the days when Pretty Sexy Ladies used to be dating toddlers. You see, with older dudes comes super natural lady management. These guys have lots of experience in life and are able to handle issues perfectly. Like articulated in previous columns before, The SD is not a fan of immature boys, and such being the case, why not tighten the grip on a readily-available mature one?  Older gents know when to hit the right button. There are times when the relationship hits the rock and you feel like quitting. These gents are able to lift you up and calm the situation; feats that lack in immature dudes masquerading as timayoh.

Not only that but also older men are capable of giving you 100% security. You don’t expect them to have a handful of baes et al; as is the case with boys my age group. The Pretty Sexy Diva admits that this alone is where her feet fall. Young dudes will always crave for more little girls, living you in tears every now and then. With an older guy, you’re at ease. You’re home and dry. Those people are always in need of a girl who’ll be their shoulder. So, dating a truly older and mature dude means annihilating agonies that come with cheating and many other related complications that are rife with younger dudes.

Being sexy, classy and pretty ain’t that difficult. What’s difficult is maintaining that status quo. For some us to be as Sexy, Classy and Pretty for this long ain’t no joke. Many have tried, and unfortunately, or as expected, have fallen. It’s pretty obvious that pretty ladies like the Classy One are chased by dawgz of various species day in day out. But to the SD, the size of the dawg’s pockets matters as well. The fatter the wallet, the higher the chances of being granted a visa unto the SD’s world (all things being equal). Don’t get the SD wrong here, fat wallets alone are no guarantee for a successful camaraderie with her, but mullahs do contribute as well.

You see, back then, The SD kept on failing for young, broke niggas. What a devastating sexperience it was! There’s nothing so embarrassing than dating a dude who can hardly give you something to have a hairdo. So weird is it that such broke a$$ dudes are also always on the fore front asking you for a matrimonial vow. Come on! Who would want to suffer with such a church rat for a life time?  No pretty sexy lady can survive a broke life forever. These older men have cash and are damn good at spoiling pretties; a dream of every sexy Diva. As long as the walker is not pathetic, the Classy One gives it al. Totally.

Fellow Sexy Divaz, above everything else is the fact that dating older men is a choice; yours Truly’s. It is said that the best version one can be is to be oneself in everything they do. The SD is no exception. It’s Pretty’s own choice to date them, besides you can’t control it. It’s not a crime to date them. is it? The Classy Sexy Diva lives her own life where nobody but herself is the boss. She does what she wants whenever she feels like. Thank you all for your appetizing pieces of advice but No thank you! Not on this issue anyway.

Just an advice; this is 2019 and it’s totally unacceptable to bring the criticism along into this new year. It’s high time haters realized that we will never be on the same level come what may. The Sexy One will always keep it moving, be classy and graceful. Case closed!

Now, time is not on SD’s side, so lend her your ears as quickly as you can. Like hinted earlier on, there’s this dude that had attracted the attention of yours truly and is currently pulling her strings. Literary, he emerged out of no where and voila! No second needed to grant her access to the inner core of The SD’s planet. Believe you me, fellow Sexy Divaz, you could’ve followed suit had you been in my shoes. And tell you what? The Pretty One is not regretting a bit. He’s one of the most amazing lads to have ever rocked her boat. Wanna hear more? Let’s meet next week.

For now, Au revoiur!



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