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By Lonjezo Idrissa

Its’ becoming a common song in our ears. Malawians youths crying foul over inadequate job opportunities. For 55 years, many a Malawian youths cannot stand on their own as they are not only jobless but also clueless on how they can eke a living. Such a predicament is resulting in many of such hapless youths suffer from dependency syndrome.

At 55 years, such a song needs not hit our ear drums on a daily basis. Many schools of thought have ever made suggestions on how to annihilate the ailment. However, such an infection cannot be contained if we cannot uproot the causes. Of course, there are a myriad of the grounds of this challenge. Not all can be contained in here. So here are some of the contributing factors.

Top of the list is a painful fact that laziness is the most sort after practice in the encephalon of most of our Malawian youths. So lazy are they that non paid internships, let alone volunteerism to them, is not grata. You will see most of our college youths rejecting the ideas of non-paid jobs for reasons better known to themselves. Instead of venturing into such endeavors so as to build their portfolio, to make theirselves fully baked for the impending job opportunities, they are busy boozing day in day out. By the time they graduate, they have no hands-on experience minus their academic papers.

That aside, financial literacy is still a new phenomenon in Malawi. Such a challenge is making our youths more prone to lacking skills that can enable them venture into full-time entrepreneurial activities. As a result, they would rather be employed, than employ themselves.

It is a fact that most of our youths have got skills, skills that can fatten their wallets. What such youths lack, oftentimes is the skill of transforming their ideas into money-making deeds. There are youths who know how to write, conduct plays, drama and recite poems but failing to use such kind of talents to bring them money. Instead of coining out ways how they can utilize such skills for their own benefits, more especially to be generating their own kwachas, most of our youths are busy dropping job application letters to various companies.

Equally disheartening is the sad reality that most of the said Malawian youths are too proud to begin their careers from humble positions. A lot of youths who are graduating from our various tertiary institutions are not are not willing to be recruited from lower positions. To them, they want to be overnight managers.  You will note that a lot of them tend to have a mentality of securing high paying jobs as their entry into the job market and this comes all because they think that low positions are for people who have lower academic papers than theirs. Very funny (not hahaha but unfortunate).

If that is not enough, abuse of such fora as the social media is another mayhem that is raping the minds of our youngsters. The very same Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp platforms and what yous, platforms that others are making millions from, you would see Malawian youths busy posting silly stuff. Stuff that may not add anything unto their CVs. Such social media platforms are the rights forums where people, the youths in this case, could be meeting potential business clients if used properly. Unfortunately, most of our youths are busy sharing memes that may not bring kwachas unto their pockets. If put into good use, social media platform could really transform the lives of our otherwise ever-crying Malawian youths.

Gone are the days when a fully-grown up youth, rather adult by Malawian standard, could be busy finger-pointing certain sectors to be behind the so-called “lack of job opportunities”. Some of these problems are our own making. As active youths, it is high time we took pivotal roles in shaping our futures by clearing the ground for our potentials to grow.  Remember, “We are the masters of our own fates!”



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