By Philes Davis

Every woman, at least of the The Sexy Diva type, looks forward to the day Mr Right would kneel down and say “will you be the mother to my unborn babies?” That’s the best day for any woman like me because it takes a whole lot for a man to see you as a soul mate. All parameters being equal, happiness ever after is expected; unfortunately, it’s not a guarantee. Here’s why…

  1. Judging your man’s family

Excuse me for my truth, but most of the marriage break ups are courtesy of us, ladies. You see, once we get married, we start growing strong wings and start despising our in laws; the hubby’s family. We tend to throw manners to the dog. We tend to make our homes a no-go zone for our in laws. We find faults in almost every move they make the moment they set their feet on our yard. Why do we easily forget that it was the in laws who have raised our hubby? Why do we become too obsessive with our hubby? So, would you get shocked if he starts thinking twice about his choice on you as a soul mate? Search me!

  1. Over-burdening the man with responsibility

As if judging the man’s relatives is not enough, quite often, most Malawian ladies that The Sexy Diva knows are too demanding and expect a lot from their hubby. They literary want him to foot all the bills, from hairdos, to rentals, you name it! The wifeys develop a lazy-bone attitude. Such ladies become too lazy to even lay their finger on the cooker. They want to milk the hubby until he is as thin as a pauper’s pocket.

  1. Commanding unnecessary attention

After marriage, some ladies tend to be cry-babies; they would complain literary about everything. They may start complaining about how he is too busy with his work and has no time for them wifeys. They may complain about how he is so much into his boyfriends and has no time for you. In the end, they start creating issues….the more the issue grow, the thinner the bond between you two. Ever wondered why men tend to poke fun at us by saying “Women complain almost about everything?”

  1. Third parties

Women at times, tend to behave like kids. They simply refuse to grow. Most women fail to differentiate a suicidal from a life-saving piece of advice. The major problem is that most tend to keep on consuming every bit of advice from every Jim and Jack.

You tend to forget that it is you who knows your man inside out. The more you give in to the ideas of the third party, the more the chances of breaking your marriage; it’s that simple.

  1. Cheating

When it comes to the cheating game, women are the grandmasters (read, Grand mistresses). Gone are the days when men were the real deal in this arena. Nowadays, women are adept at that too. Cheating tops the list of the reasons marriages don’t last. No sane individual would smile sharing their lovebird with another soul; never!

Rule number one; never ever enter a serious-relationship if cheating is your game!

  1. Slay life

Instead of accepting the fact that you’re married and you’re a family person now, you still want to slay with slay queens day in day out! Going out to clubbing every night isn’t ideal for married persons. Ladies, and gents, let’s check our movements! When you’re married, start acting like one and stop behaving like a slut. Up to now, the Sexy Diva doesn’t difference between a slay queen and a prostitute. So, till she finds the difference, for now behave and stop acting like a slay queen!

  1. Hygiene

Some women stop taking care of themselves once they tie knot. No man will get attracted to a dirty filthy smelling wife. Nuh! Not the good Malawian guys I know anyway. It’s only in Nollywood movies where a rich good looking man goes and falls in love with a dirty stinking girl by the road side….. In real life; real uptown men get attracted to cute, clean and good smelling women. Now, Dear ladies, try spicing your marriage by being clean and get rid of that body ordour. When that is done, your soul mate will have no chance of changing their heart nuh!!



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