ThE sExY DiVa

By Phyles Davis

You’ve a fully paid DSTV set, and it’s a weekend. Normally, one’s dude would fancy watching the English Premier league or Spanish Laliga matches at the comfort of their homes. However, many are times when Malawian dudes tend to opt for having the fun of watching soccer at the oftentimes, not-so-comfortable pubs at the expense of their houses. Ever wondered why this is the case?


Hell hath no fury than a nagging woman. A nagging woman is the backbone of your man’s perpetual absence from your home. If you wanna have peace in your home, if you wanna have him around home every weekend, then cease to nag. Don’t behave as if you’re a teen in your maiden relationship. Tell you what? A husband would always want to look like the best but if you decide to segregate them to an extent of making them look stupid, if you keep on denying him his peace of mind, then forget it my dear. The pub will be his only comfort!


Keep on disrespecting his hustleskeep ondisrespecting his efforts, and you got yourself a guarantee that day in day out, the pub will be his favourite playground.Respect is free and if you shower a little t to him, he’s gonna easily get carried away. He’s gonna make you and your home his common chilling place. No man would feel like a king if his own wifey is treating him like a pauper.  

Less chilling moments

When he’s home, you’re never lively…when he’s home, you’re busy on WhatsApp or you’re busy at your girl’s top up, bridal shower and what have you. You’re always as busy as a pregnant dog. When he’s home, you hardly initiate a convo…all you do is giving him a cold shoulder.  So what do you expect from him? To hang around with a dead wood you are? Nay! If you’re really serious in keeping him at your crib during the weekends, make your house habitable. Make it lively!

Prove to him you’re worthy it

At times, our hubbies tend to find less comfort and happiness in being around us all because we’re not as we used to be. So, if we wanna coax him to minimize heading to the pubs over the weekends, let’s prove to him that we’re worthy it. Let our action prove to him that ours is the best company he can ever get. 

Talk it out

Men, are some complicated creatures if you view them that way. In the same way, they’re also one of the easiest to understand. If you’re having issues with him, talk it out. Let him know what you want. If you wanna play mind games, one thing you can be guaranteed of is, “you won’t win”. He’s gonna leave you like that and you may be hurting yourself for not letting whatever it is that’s boggling your chest to pop out.

Fellow Divaz, at times, it is our attitudes that drive our men out of our houses over the weekend. Treat him right. Make him feel like a King and he’s gonna be with you forever!



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