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(The scintillating case of Lefunati Manda Tambala’s Le Home Designs)

 By Philes Davis

It is now archaic for ladies, both uptown and down town, to be looking up to their hubbies for financial support. If you are a lady, depending on your man for literally every thing about your life in not only dumb but is also driving your lifestyle centuries back. Real women hustle.

That is the path one Lilongwe-based modern day boss lady, Lefunati Manda Tambala followed end route to her handiwork; Le Home Designs.

Lefunati is of the modern day class of independent women who are making it big courtesy of fruits from their own creations. 

Lefunati is the proud owner of Le Home; a Lilongwe-based interior and exterior design company. The company is adept at creating some heaven around your home; making it a habitable place by craftily shaping the interior and the exterior outlooks with ease. 

Apart from that, it also offers exquisite furniture so as to make your homes complete.

How she started

How such a luxurious firm came into existence is nothing but an example of sheer hardworking spirit. A spirit of wanting to live one’s dreams.

Lefunati has an interesting story worthy emulating.

Just like most modern day entrepreneurs who ventured into their lines of business in pursuit of their childhood dreams, Lefunati’s path was not that different.

Here is how that dream was turned into fruition.

Back then, the-then young Lefunati had had a fair share of her life in Zambia where she did part of her tertiary education. It was here that her studies in interior and exterior designing augmented her pastime activities of the same.

“I’ve always been a fan of an attractive environment. So decorations both inside and outside the homes made my days,” she recalls.

By then, of course she never dreamed that big. She never thought she could be eking a living out of her very childhood passion.

Later on, she did a further course in Business Management. So it was like having two strangers but with a common host; her studies in Business Management and her studies in Interior and Exterior design. She was a bomb in the making.

Still, it never crossed her mind on how best to marry the two courses she had accumulated over time. But as they say, only time was to tell, and telling it did.

“Having been fond of re-arranging items around my home so at to make my surrounding attractive, many an eye started getting attracted. So, upon noting that the workload was becoming relatively unbearable, I started charging a little.” She recalls.

That was also the birth of Le Home. Though back then, it was at a comparably lower scale.

Now there was a situation: clash of tasks. As her newly found ‘gold’ kept on blossoming, her employer back then, Standard Bank, was also in dire need of her total commitment. It was difficult to balance.

“It was so difficult to do the two at once. So, at first, I used to be doing my personal stuff over the weekend,” she recalls.

With time, Le Home started generating more clients. Dedicating her weekends to it was not working properly as too much workload was still being left unattended to. She had to think twice.

April 2018

Lefunati decided to be her own employer by directing all her efforts to Le Home interior and exterior designs. She bid Standard Bank Group goodbye.

“I’d to restrategize and focus on my handiwork. My quitting from Standard Bank meant I was to go full-throttle into defining what I wanted my future to be,” she elucidated.

From then till now, LeHome has been one of the most sort after interior and exterior designers.

The rise and rise of LeHome

Now in 2019, Lefunati cannot believe what her brainchild has matured into. Le Home is grown. So grown it is that now it boasts of eighteen employees who are masterminding various products and services the firm offers.

The fully grown Le Home has three departments; the carpentry, the grinding, and the painting. Each of these is specialized in its own sphere of expertise all in the name of delivering to the satisfaction of Le Home’s clientele.

“Honestly speaking, I never envision it could be this big! I really thank all my clients, family and friends for the support and constructive criticism they’ve been offering me. That’s why our vision is to leave our client more than satisfied,” she praised.

Come five years from now, Lefunati dreams of conquering the whole country and beyond. 

“I’d like to see every beautiful home in Malawi being associated with Le Home designs. I know it’s a big dream but nothing is impossible. With time, I will make it!” she challenges.

A word to fellow ladies

Lefunati’s piece of encouragement is simple: “Follow your dreams!”

From her experience, “Malawi is one of the hardest places on earth for a lady to reside. It is like “you’re not supposed to be successful if you’re a lady,” she observes.

According to her, Malawi is still swimming in machoism in which ladies are regarded as “nobodies”; people who are limited in what they can and not do. She says, such a spirit, needs to be rooted out if Malawi is prosper.

“If you’re a lady out there, just define what you want and go and push yourself. If you’ll be taking whatever negative comments that may be heading your way just because you’re a female, you won’t ever make it!” she advises.

Location of the business:

Area 18 C, along Nankhaka crossing the bridge heading to Old Saint location

Social media handles

Facebook:  Le Home



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