Nomsa Rhudo Mwale.

Mother Malawi is becoming messier and losing out her youthful promising minds to the most terrifying ‘goodies’ of the world. The nasty world. Insatiable appetite for premarital Sex, delinquency, Drug and substance addictions have all formed part of the contributing factors to this hullabaloo.

So disheartening is that most of these youths do not want to seek assistance even if they are aware of their problem. It is so weird looking at their line of thinking coming that coming out of their cocoon will expose them to a world they cannot handle.

Personally, I prefer being a victim of self-freedom than being entangled with so many fake moments, because most of the things addicts do will never be remembered as the best moments. It is a few out of the many that are there. Living nights you won’t remember with the friends that will always be there yet you can’t change a thing about the worst things you have done.

It’s not actually true that every drug or substance addict is violent but there is an element of self-loss. You have to depend on drugs to be yourself, you live a life that is conditioned and entwined to something which is something so peculiar and very absurd.

Fellow Young Generationers, your life is worth a million reasons not to be dependent on addictions.

There is no sin in being so conformed and in line. Crazy can be better sometimes but crazy in a super regular way. Having addictions makes you have your own world where you feel so safe and so ok but in reality it is just a world you created out of fear facing the reality of things and exactly how you have to run them when normal.

I say off the husk shouldn’t be that far from the seed. You can be high but don’t let that build up in you and take out the real you, take out the person you are supposed to be. The suffering is not on you but the people around you. Everything you do affects the people around you; negatively or positively. Whatever the case, addiction can be dealt with, be it sex, drugs and substances, clubbing, laziness, social media addictions and a number of them in so many benefiting ways.

Accede your addiction

The best step a person can take to embrace change in life is accepting their weaknesses. Once you accept the defeating area, then you are good to go the high way. You can never change if you do not admit that you have an addiction and needs to be worked on. People come in to help if you are so open to them with your problems. There are no results that come out so positive than those you have put effort on. Realize how important it is for you to be normal for the people that matter the most, the people who try so hard to see you change; family, friends and loved ones. For the better world that you want it to be, listen to the positive voice inside you and work on it. Everybody has a reason why they do something and so can they find a reason to stop.

Pray about it

I know most youths feel like it’s useless telling God your problems, but the best doctor above and below the earth is God himself. And I love the scriptures Proverbs 16:3 that ‘commit your plans to the lord and you shall be successful’ and Thessalonians 5; 17 that “We should pray continuously for that is what the Lord want.

Pray until something happens and never doubt the power of a faithful prayer. Doctors will work on you but God will heal you completely. So learn to trust your situations with God. Try him even though you have never done it and if you are a believer, continue asking for his mercies and he will never disappoint you.

It is ok to consult someone who prays for help. Sometimes we cannot fight this battle on our own and we need others greater than us, the important part is that our hearts are willing to embrace change through God. What God wants is you giving yourself to him and the rest he does for himself.

Associate with people different from your lifestyle

The most fruitful thing a person with addictions and really want to change can do is surround him or herself with people who are not into the kind of life style that he or she is. Make yourself vulnerable to people who can really help you change. We are humans and we adapt to the things or environment around us. I believe change starts within us and it is moulded into something greater, only if we let the best alternate people help us.

You never get to the top without interacting with the people who are already or been there. The more you spend time with people who do not smoke, drink nor into drug addiction, the more you start to realize how lonely you are in a world that is not real. They say it is better you live on the truth and let it hurt you than live a lie and it still hurts you for the hurt is of greater dimensions.

Consult therapists

Those people were trained just like any other specialist from various fields. Believe you me, they can help you. Consult them and follow their piece of advice. They cannot be there if it was for them to make your condition worse and most addicts feel like it is a waste of time consulting therapists for help. Leave whatever you can do and spare time for these people; at least as recommended for them if you truly need to be helped.

Fellow Young Generations, addictions thrill, and kill too. Do not risk your life over some fancy life. Seek help and get normal. There is a life way much better than a dependent life on drugs, sex, substances and all sorts of addictions.



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