By Lawrence Nachipo.

Changes. Transformation…whatever you call it, M-Dubz is undergoing it. You talk of dressing, language, hairstyles…the list is endless!. Everything has changed, if you are still doing it in the old way you are called an old school Negro. Things are no longer the same, the lifestyle is based on how you follow current things.

This is called back wave ma mayne” a boy telling his friend. So many hairstyles which others are even failing to name them, hahaha it’s funny how the changing of hair colour has went so viral. This thing called tinting and the dreadlock zone has grown to greater heights. Try to go to music shows, you will witness what I’m saying.

I’m pretty sure Barber men are raising good monies to the extent that they can’t tell the customers the truth about the way they look. You’ll never hear a barber boy advising their client that ‘inu mutu wanuwu ndiwoyenera mpala koma mwakumana ndioziwa ntchito style itheka’, Business at its point, my people.

Dear Slay Queens, and Sexy Divaz, are these weaves given for free? Why can’t you look for a proper one that suits your skin colour and how you look? Boyfriends, let’s help our ladies please.

These so called boyfriend jeans, jumpsuits, crop tops, skin jeans… they are now the trends of today’s fashion. Well, it’s not that I hate the fashion, but I’m not comfortable with the way them people are using this new school fashion. Not everyone can put on a skinny jean no! no! no! Let’s see ourselves people. Boys are now putting on weird clothes as if they are ladies..I’ m like dude, what the heck is that? And the answer is always “new school trend my nigga”.

Gang gang we not the same mayne, new school languages are just funny somehow. Every boy or girl is now a black American. Malawi is only a name now. Funny.

Dwelling in the music nation, now everyone is an artist, with this so called trap ‘n’ mumble every dude is into music. Do you even get what these people say in their music? Same ol’sh!t, but a different nigga, that’show I look at these niggaz. Even the delivery itself is as if they were jumping in the studio booth.

That’s not all, the conversation of youths has transformed as well. It’s all about artworks, Made on Monday, Malawi-music.com or entertainment Malawi, for music is their breath day in day out now.

Have you realized that most youths are joining colleges in the name of swag? I have been in a certain institution and I had to drop because it wasn’t my calling, I guess. The only thing that is influencing this is the morale that is found in the schools. “ ankolo ku pact kwayaka moto inu simukufilako tiziti?” ….. with the business that these institutions are into, they are even getting a person who doesn’t even have Mathematics in his/her certificate to persuade an Accounting course. Will this person use Bible Knowledge for calculations? Search me! That’s new Malawi for you bra.

Oh yes! How would I forget these ladies and dudes who are changing their skin colour? If it was a new national identity most of us were to be left aside. Bleaching is the new school look, “ngati celeb wayera ku show okuda nkaoneke ndekha?

My fellow youths where are we going? If this is the new civilization, then take me back to old civilization.



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