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  • A Gwambizo Vs Mtchana new smash hit

By Anderson Manning’s Gowa.

There are times diabolic men have buried us six feet down, not with some sort of Katondo mud but with concrete slabs reinforced with steel to incarcerate the good life we live, transporting it to the land of the dead where there is no life but anguish.

Their assumption is that “he is dead and gone”.

They stage a party celebrating your demise. “Bon Voyage so they say“ with rest in peace messages all over the social media.

Unfortunately God’s plans aren’t man’s wishes.

That is the very concept Gwamba and the Ghetto ambassador, Fredokiss have enmeshed in their new hit single which is toping musical charts  Nthawi Zanji?

Anapha Yesu wakumwamba,

ankayesa ndi munthu wamba,

tsiku lachitatu iye atadzuka,

aliyense anadabwa


Nthawi Zanji | Artwork

Snaps out Gwamba with that usual authoritative rough voice. Gwamba is intelligently linking the atrocities the king of Judah-Jesus, encountered when he was condemned to death by an impromptu court in Jerusalem, only to pop out alive in three days’ time.

His resurrection pushed into a tight corner those who ambushed him and brought a stream of jovialness to his sympathizers.

Who knows? Them too were like “ Nthawi Zanji” while tightly clenching their fists in dismay.

Gwamba goes on with his flawless singing unwrapping of nthawi Zanji by bringing the reality that happens to every human being, that marauding animal codenamed, “office politics” hovering in our workplaces.

Office politics happens to be a state of affairs where your coworkers intentionally push you to the barbed wire by concocting dubious allegations mudslinging you to your bosses with the intention of impoverishing you.

Fancy this;

Ndikapeza vepi basi akufuna andichosese,

Kuvaya kwabwana wanga kumbali kumuuza nonsense,

kuyesesa mmoyo wanga kuti nsapeze ntaji,

koma sakuziwa kuti mulungu wanga ndi wazatheka bwanji.

To those who have gone through the above scenario imaged by Gwamba, this song will be their life’s national anthem.

The offices we work in sometimes turn out to be the very conundrum that bothers our lives. Fellow workers creating ghost stories with the intention of seeing our face out of the office scenery.

To stamp the notion that Gwamba is a musician par excellence, his articulation on this verse is as if he has ever been on a paid job with a “Pay slip” under his name Duncan Zgambo, when we all know that the Gospel maestro’s employment is his art and businesses.

The Mbama distributor also equates the life the biblical Lazarous went through. He was dead but Jesus resurrected him.

This line will send a warm blanket in the process comforting those in despair that Jesus is a working machine able to smash the barriers that keep on hindering you from unlocking your potential.

Produced by the very capital city giant, Dj Sley and fused with the mysterious vocals of AK on the board, the Wazukanso Nthawi zanji is lit. Fireworks to those who have experienced the mess of being subjected to suffering orchestrated by haters.

Heloyii Heloyii ramasabakatani,

yesu amatikondadi nde akanatani,

aliyense kudabwa kamfana aka nkandani.

Goes part of the nthawi zanji hook, fortifying the greatest love the one above relentlessly showers on us.

There are times you do a collabo with an established musician, only to come out of the studio with shambles. But that is not the case with the Ghetto Kingkong, Fredokiss.

Mtchana comes in with massive punchlines fully packaged with mature content.

Ayesela kundimanga zanga zonse kundilanda,

paliponse kundisanga,

mtchana ada!

paja ndima praiser Jah Jah

ankayesa amastaga namalenga chida changa

On a low slow rhythm Fredokiss presses the accelerator with a message winged around human beings who persecute others condemning them into prison walls, unknowingly they forget that their target has his master, Jah-Jah (God).

Then from the very slow but powerful rhythm the usual Ghetto ambassador with vigor, emerges out;

Kuzandigwira pakhosi,

kuzandifinya misozi,

kuzandifaka ma stonzi,

kundimanga kundishava kundipaka madothi

trying to pull me down but am always rocking

kwathu kuno devil timampasa makofi…

The heaviness of the Mtchana Fredokiss’ punchlines is awesome. In an imagery work of art he imagines the nemesis who clobbers him by employing all the mastery tactics that can end his life but the devils artilleries make no mark as God comes in his rescue.

This is what pure art is all about. It’s high time other artists borrow a leaf from these two heavyweights who are sending a clear message that time for bubblegum music is gone and buried.

This is the time “Tidzuke”, and shame devil machinations with their lips wagging while mumbling “ Nthawi Zanji”.

Eeish Wazukaso nthawi zanji, tanena, kodi mesa anafa uyu, kodi mesa nnapha uyu?

Click the link below and and download “Nthawi Zanji”

Click here [NZ]



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