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Wanna snatch your best friend’s man? Here’s how…


By Chimwemwe The Chinese Diva

Let’s face it! When a girl wants a man, she doesn’t care. She can use any trick in the World Crookish book so as to get him. Literally, she doesn’t care whether the dude is already hooked or otherwise.

This week, the Chinese Diva wanna inject some dosage into your head…something that may become handy should you fall head over heels unto your next girl’s dude.

You may say wft is the Chinese Diva unto? But well, that is life, so they say. If you’re really into him, why not try your luck?

You getting my point? Well, let’s see how this can easily be done.

  1. Make him chase you

Have something unique in you that’s gonna make him chase you just like the way the cat chases the mouse. Look different baby; present yourself different to him day in day out. Be as different from his baybie as possible.

Tell you, dudes are easily manipulated because they fall hard for appearances and good looks.

  • Dial his line during late hours

Now that you’ve got his attention, definitely you can now exchange digits. Call him anytime but mainly during late hours. I guess his girl may already have been doing this, but tell you what? You’re in competition, you too have a fair share of the bragging rights of calling him baybie. Nobody can claim ownership of an unmarried dude. Period!

  • A gift can do some wonders

You’ve his digit, you’ve been calling him for some time. Now’s the time to let him know you’ve his contact, call him and tell him that you’ve his gift. Mind you, you’re after winning his heart, if you’ve some cash, never hesitate in making good use of it by buying some gifts for him.

No clue on what to purchase? The Chinese Diva advises you to go for items his girlfriend likes purchasing and you’re gonna definitely know what his taste is.

  • Ask him out

Now that he’s accepted your gift, it’s time to ask him out. I know it’s something that is too difficult to do, but trust me with the late calls, sweet texts et al; these definitely are gonna make him fall for you. Believe you me!

  • His babes versus you

Understand his girlfriend’s strengths; weaknesses too. Know what kind of differences him and her have. I know she is your friend and this won’t be a big deal to you, and then you can capitalize on that.

Fellow divas, don’t shoot the Chinese Diva, she just wanna help you have the woman of your dreams. Go for it babes!



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