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By Malchus.

Fashion lines come and go. But for Elvak Clothing line, the case may be different; it is a fashion line that is set to stand the test of time. It is a label that is for the youths, and by the youths.

Launched last year (2017) Elvak clothing line appeals to the intellectual and business minded youths of today; rejecting an approach by modern-day trend of T-shirts and clothes that are much influenced by popular hip-hop cultural sentiments.

So, what makes Elvak Clothing line stands out?

“Authenticity.” That is according to the brains behind the label, Kalolo Kallz Asefa.

Adds he, “The clothing line tells out the essence of its four pillars of Elegance, Victory, Ambitiontheand Knowledge to the youth (who are the targeted audience) by providing them with quality products at reasonable prices.” He reveals.

Kalolo explains that Elvak Clothing line was motivated by internationally revered fashion labels like Nike, and Gucci.

“I considered the prices being offered by other brands on the market such as Nike, Gucci etc. from abroad. So I opted for something a little affordable, but smart and of high quality. The other thing is that I wanted to inspire my fellow youths to venture into entrepreneurship as a solution to some of their challenges.”

Kalolo Kallz Asefa                                                                                        

What’s in a name?

Fashion lines have to be appealing. No doubt about that. The same applies to Elvak. According to the proprietor, Kallz, the name Elvak was adopted so as to be trendy and appetizing to his label’s audience.

“I chose the name ELVAK because I wanted to create a label or brand that would look smart and attract people and at the same time trying to inspire fellow youths. Thus the EL stands for ELEGANCE, V for VICTORIOUS, A for AMBITIOUS and K for KNOWLEDGEABLE, “says the multitalented designer.

Why Elvak?

If you want quality at affordable prices, then Elvak is the name.

“Quality is defined in one word, Elvak. ELvak clothes do neither fade nor tear after ironing,” so challenges Kalolo.

Elvak Clothing line | Prices

Brains behind Elvak

A professional engineer, Kallz has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Livingstonia. He is an esteem believer in hard work and in one having a vision to succeed.

As he reminisces, his passion for fashion and an obsession with looking good drove him into this lucrative industry

“During my time in doing graphic designing in college, I became very good at graphics and I wanted to explore and do more with my skills. Then I decided to design a clothing line so that I could expose my skills of graphic designing through these clothes.”

Meanwhile, Kallz is planning to collaborate with urban music artists for a theme song on his fashion line.

“There is an Elvak theme song which we have planned to shoot with artists in the north soon. I will also do this in all regions so that these artists should be able to support me by promoting my brand to their fan base.” He reveals.

So, as days pass, ELVAK’s brand keeps on rising. Hopefully, come a year from now, the clothing line is going to be in all corners of Malawi, and abroad.

Let’s have a look at some of Elvak designs below

Elvak Clothing line

Elvak Clothing line

Elvak Clothing line

Elvak Clothing line

Get in touch with Elvak via the following social networks and contacts

  • Facebook Accounts; Elvak Kallz & Elvak Malawi
  • Instagram; Elvak_clothline
  • Phone; +265994535351/+256880768953



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