ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Davis.

To rookies, a man is an impossible being to understand. However, to experienced Divaz like the Fat SD, a man is not as difficult as most of us, Chics paint them. Taking care of a Prince Charming is not that of a hassle. All what matters is understanding what they really want from us. So, if you don’t know how, be my guest.

Nag less

A lot of men run away from a woman who always has issues; a woman who always try to make issues out of nothing. Crybabies have no room in the life of a 21st century uptown dude. Not everything calls for arguments; sometimes you just have to agree with your man here and there and let go of other trivia. Arguing with him day in day out will make him a stranger in his own house. In the end, you’ll be the biggest loser once he starts seeing other Chics.

Be romantic

Instead of nagging, why don’t you twist in some love in it? Men love that midas romantic surprises almost every minute. Give him all the romance he needs, and I can guarantee you, he won’t be seeing any reason of sneaking out to marauding slay queens out there.

Don’t make him go outside and satisfy his fantasies. Be his fantasy. Give him that special treatment that he can’t get from anywhere else, and you’ll win his soul. It’s that simple.

As Missy Elliot once said in her song, Work It, “I’m not a prostitute but I can give you what you want.” Fellow Malawian ladies, borrow a leaf!

Be independent

Gone are the days when men admired house wives. Now, men go for ladies who hassle. Ladies who can fend for theirselves. They can’t hook a Chic who’s not only a dunderhead upstairs, but also can’t buy her own make-up. Fine, they can help you here and there, but over-relying on the Princes for our day-to-day needs is archaic and easily puts off the male folk. You don’t wanna appear a parasite to your potential someone, would you?

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Ladies need to look appealing. Keep your bushies short, if not completely wiped out. Make sure you leave no body ordour unto your body as if you’re a lioness and are trying to attract the lion king. Never look like you’re a beggar down town the Paul Kagame Highway. Be the Chic he would be proud to introduce to his friends. Clean your teeth, and wash your clothes regularly. These are 101 tips for a long happily-ever-after camaraderie with your Prince Charming.

Tidy your surroundings

Next to body hygiene comes cleanliness around our matrimonial homes. Our home is the holy of holies. From our longue, to the loo all the way to the headquarters of the house, the bedroom, all these places need to be very tidy.

Take the case of our bedrooms for example, it’s not supposed to be a storeroom where you have an open drum in the corner full of junk, Dangote cement under the bed, a broken bicycle hanging on the wall and clothes lying all over like you’re selling second hand clothes at Mbayani market. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Let not our houses appear as garages for dilapidated trucks. How can you enjoy the matrimonial goodies if the house stinks of unwashed stockings?   The venue determines the value of what happens there.

Having a bootylicious physique but with filthy surroundings is the same as slaying in a designer suit and yet wearing torn undies… Let’s take care of our surroundings, dear ladies, it’s not that expensive!



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