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By: Alexander Gombar

A lot of urban music acts are popping up from left, right, back and centre in all centre across the M-dubz. This is whether with the help of record labels or independently.

The green city of Mzuzu is no exception. A firm known as Viza Entertainment Culture is making it a mission to exposing budding artists in the city.

Victor Viza Mlotha, simply known as Viza is the Managing Director of Viza Entertainment Culture, Viza put his recording studio on hold and started his firm after artists had been complaining of a lack of platform to expose their art.

“It all started in the year 2015 when I was a music producer. Most up and coming musicians were complaining that they were lacking platforms to showcase their music talent and that they needed exposure. I grabbed that and came up with the idea of starting a local show where raw talent could be appreciated… The dream came true in the year 2016 as I had my first show.” He said.

Viza also said the sole aim of his firm is to promote artists in Mzuzu to the highest level possible.

“My mission is to organize shows that will grab the attention of a huge audience so as to unveil and promote music talent to the highest level. I want artist to be appreciated for their work and I want my firm to be organizing shows in all corners of Malawi.

It is also my dream to someday make upcoming musicians preform as supporting artists to the likes of Martse, Malceba, Gwamba for my show.” He said.

Viza said his firm has a number of sponsors including his parents.

“As for sponsors I have one who is DJ Lubelo, and others are approached from time to time for support, but my permanent sponsors are my father and mother Mr and Mrs Mlotha.” Viza said.

One of the main artist who has appeared in Viza Entertainment Culture’ shows is K-Man and says the show is a great way of promoting art.

“The guys are doing great things for the city because they help to promote our music industry here in North, and this way our talent doesn’t die, so big up to Viza.” He said.

So far, K-Man has performed at two of Viza entertainment Culture shows.

Viza described his shows as a success because of the positive response they get.

“The shows receive positive responses from both music fans and artists as the shows help them (artists) expose their talent to the masses. So I would say, it’s been a successful journey so far.” he said.



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