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Video vixen leaks Passenger and Smacks song; forces the duo for sudden release.

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On the 16th November the urban music duo Original Passenger and Smacks premiered their second collaboration track titled Kangati? on Radio 2FM with Dj Love after only few weeks of promotion. One would think, has the duo stopped putting any effort to promote their music projects? Well the answer is, their music falling in wrong hands before its due for release.

Early this month Passenger started to receive request for his unreleased song from anonymous people to share them a song song which was due June 2020. Little did he know the Dekha video model/actress had been posting and teasing the unreleased material through her social media accounts, later started sharing it to close friends and other people in her circle.

According to Passenger it was shocking to see the number of people who had gotten the song through Whatsapp groups cited on a screenshot which was posted by the lady on her whatsapp status.

“I was shocked to receive requests from people asking for my song, one which I have not released and no one at the time knew the title except for my producers and my partner Smacks. We all did not share the song to anyone but surprisingly people could describe the lyrics in the song. Who would have thought someone who only acted for one song could have access to the song? How she got the song I do not know.” He said.

On the same, 1 half of the duo, Smacks shared his disappointment with the leak citing how much it has cost them to produce the song, and how it is degrading their music career.

I was shocked and disappointed when Passenger told me that our song has leaked because initially we planned to have the song released next year so you can just imagine how disappointing that is to any artist in my shoes. It is nice to talk of the town, have fans and all but this is just sad. We invested a lot in the song, we set promotions plan for the song which were due next year. He said.

Music leaking like this shows that people dont have value for the music that we put it, an artist will agree with me. This is discouraging to put effort in the music we make, in other countries people get sued for things like these but look what we have here, people get away with anything. People should really show appreciation in the music we make, we are nothing without them but we make this music for their entertainment. He added.

However, the anonymous girl who leaked the song claims she found the song on a Whatsapp group which she never identified leaving the duo with no trace to follow up who might have leaked their song.

Following the reaction from both Passenger’s and Smacks fans, the duo agreed to release the song officially through Brian Entertainment on 16th November 2019.

Meanwhile Brian Entertainment has refused to comment if it will press charges or settle the dispute outside court as they are still investigating the leaking of the song although they has not been any trace to locate who was the first person to share the song to the video model.



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