By Ruth Kamanga

She is normally around guys. To her, that’s what she calls her crib.

To soccer lovers, she is another familiar face. She is a Mighty Be Forward Wanderers’ die hard. Simply put, she is what many a Malawian lady aren’t.

That’s not all, intellectually, she is also adept. As if to cement the earlier claim, Hazvi is also into a field many a female soul dare not to touch; multimedia productions. She is a proud owner of HR Multi-media productions.

Hazviperi Mbizi is a complete version of a modern day classic lady; independent, charming and free-minded. From the goat’s mouth, Hazvi believes she is indeed worthy that accolade.

“I describe myself as someone who’s smart, humble, patient, spontaneous, who’s a great sense of humour, sarcastic, outgoing, friendly and a go getter,” she says.

If you think you have had enough of the ‘monster’ that is in Hazvi, then stay put, the lady is a versatile ClassiQ ChiQ you’ll ever have. She’s also working with the Malawi Polytechnic as a Web Content Manager/Online Journalist.

Close association with them male folks

Hazvi has a rather funny (interesting) explanation of why she is more often than not, in the company of men, rather, males. To her, it is all about bridging the gender gap and proving a point that there’s no feat that’s too much for any lady, at any time.

It’s not necessarily that I hang around with men per se; rather I like hanging around with issues to do with men. Thing is, I wanna prove to the world that sex or gender isn’t the criteria of identifying someone’s capability and effectiveness in achieving an intended goal in life…be it academic, professional, social life style etc.

Why always Hazvi?

Why is it that Hazvi is oftentimes in the limelight? To her, that is a plus in her CV and indeed any goal-setting lady out there.

“I love to be in the limelight, to prove that women are also capable of doing maleish stuff for example technical stuff. I love challenges, not easy, piece of cake stuff which are labelled femalish..something that gives me sleepless night to try and figure out how it’s done.”

The passion for being too independent

Hazvi has seen it all what it means to be an independent lady who could be bringing bread on the table courtesy of her own purse. Her mother is her main ispiration into what she (Hazvi) is today.

“I was raised by a single Mom who worked two jobs, (which is not common in Malawi in order to make ends meet)…she always used to encourage me that everything was possible if you believe and work towards achieving it. I believed it and started actualizing it.

Hazvi’s definition of a 21st century ClassiQ ChiQ

To me, a modern day uptown lady has to be someone who’s assertive and visionary. A lady, and any person should have realistic goals and should work towards achieving them.

Ladies she looks up to

The list of her role models explains it all; the personalities reveal the iron and energy that’s in Hazvi.

“The Vice Principal of Polytechnic Dr Nancy Chitera. She holds a high position and is always systematic and content in what she does.

My boss Mrs Alima Jika, the Polytechnic Acting ICT Director, a field mostly labelled as maleish, but people trusted her to be in charge…and ofcourse Jane Ansah.. .despite the chaos and what not, that lady was strong and brave to handle that position and lead in the elections.. I admire her strong character…she wasn’t easily intimidated.”

Pastime activities

Minus watching soccer, I love being in solitude in the comfort of my bed with a good book and music.

If Hazvi isn’t your ClassiQ ChiQ, then whom do you have on your list?



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