By Lusungu Ngwenyama

As everything seem to be heading north in Malawi, seasoned poet and musician, Mashalo Samilo has diverted the current impasses by launching his long awaited poetry book, “Wakoma Nyasa” on the 26th of October 2019.

As the name suggests, “Wokoma Nyasa” is a litany of poetic lines aimed at cementing the adage that “Malawi is the warm heart of Africa”.

According to Mashalo, the seven chaptered “Wokoma Nyasa”- a journey of digging Malawian culture for the future generation, has taken the artist five years to complete. 

He says upon completion of the 93 teachings in the book, the consumer stands to gain rich knowledge of Malawian culture and the need of preserving it. 

“It’s all about Malawian tradition and culture for the next generation hence imparting our traditional morals to the youth who are losing our way of levity. My aim is to promote the importance of literature and literacy for all,” elucidates Samilo.

The anticipated poetry book, first for Mashalo, has such mind-boggling poems as “Welcome to Malawi”, “Black Rind”, “Words from the sun”, “Boadzulu”, “This is sound”, “Whistling Goat”, among others.

International publishers had ever published some of the poems.  

The launch is to be staged at a magnificent gala at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre where some legends in the industry in the likes of Sambalikagwa Mvona, Malawi Writers Union president, and many other prominent dignitaries are expected to attend.

It is also a special wish for the youthful Samilo to have officials from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture so as to appreciate the pivotal role some noble youths are playing in preserving Malawian culture.

“I hope they’ll come. I really need officials from the ministry to witness how youths are trying so hard in promoting culture. If the minister (Francis Phiso) joins me in this launch it means art has been honored,” Said Samilo.

Meanwhile, the artist is calling upon all art-loving Malawians to grace the occasion.

He adds, “People should expect fireworks. It’s a book launch that’ll live to be remembered. If you love art come. You can’t afford to miss this auspicious event!”

Samilo has, for over 5 years, been influential in Malawi Writers Union serving both Northern Region Chapter and the National executives.



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