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By Praise Bwanali

Where are you going to be say, five or ten years from now? What do you want to be? What does your future hold? The future is today, so goes the adage. If you wait for tomorrow, then I’m afraid, you shall wait in vain for that thing never comes. Ironically, days keep on giving births to weeks, and months and years.

It is therefore, very important that as the Young Generation, we should not wait for tomorrow for us to start shaping our future. Let us start laying foundations now. Let us start thinking of what we want to be in the near future. Remember, a journey of thousand miles does start with a single step, so let this be the time to make that first step. Unsure how? Follow me.

Discover your skills

Each one of us has some special skills and talents in us. The two can be garnered and perfected over time. So the first step in creating your blissful future is to uncover your hidden potentials. Is it singing? Sport? Creative arts? Whatever the case, knowledge of your potential can set you rolling on what you can do later on in your life.

Internalize and actualize your skills

Having the potential is one thing, actualizing them is also a totally different concept. It is important to accept we have that potential and then should start on perfecting it. We should accept that only if we shape our skills properly then could it start breeding positive results later on in life. Assess you strengths and weaknesses. Know which button you can press so as to perfect your hidden potentials.

Seek for proper guidance

History books have already proved that no man is an island. Success does not come from lone rangers. We all need inputs from people we truly value. Be careful here for you can easily fall into the trap of getting destructive pieces of advice. So, always seek guidance from those whose views you truly cherish.  

Seeking second thoughts from others does not make you a failure. It shows that you are intelligent enough to realize your shortfall. So when in doubt, always ask.

Practice makes perfect

You may have the skills, you may have the potential, but if you don’t put them into practice, you are as good as a sluggard who is at home, doing nothing productive. Test your skills by putting them into practice. This is the best way of knowing how to do it better. Through practice, you are going to grow thick skin on how to overcome challenges that may head your direction. In addition, it is also the best way of knowing the workable methodologies of making meaning out of your skills.

In a nut shell, it’s about time you need to open your new future and using your skills to achieve greatness in life. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start today! It is not too late.   



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