ThE sExY DiVa

By Philes Davis

Thank God it’s another weekend!!! And what a weekend it is! Nothing is so sexier than a weekend of a month end!!! This is the time when all hell breaks loose…binge drinking from one pub to another…you talk of all the frenzy that comes with a weekend of this nature! Quite understandable, not so?

For once, we bid all our busy office stuffs goodbye…well, till the following Monday, anyway. One other thing we can’t run away from is sex. You know, where there’s money, there’s beers….sex is but within a stone throw. Nothing wrong.

Well, Charmin’ Princes out there, this episode is strictly for you. You know, if there’s one species in the animal kingdom that enjoys sex more than any food then it’s a homo sapiens. Unlike other animals that perform this noble act strictly for reproduction, homo sapiens do it for various reasons.

So, lemme take you into some of the types (reasons) we, them female them, open, or may open our legs for you. I’m sure, by the end of this entry, you’ll appreciate that it’s a crime against humanity to think that every sexual encounter is a sign of love towards you. Not at all.

  1. A friendly match

What are friends for if it is not to assist each other in times of need? There are times when you just do it, not necessarily that you are down for him, no, but just out of courtesy. Just like a handshake that signifies a mutual agreement or a seal of approval in business, sex, in Sexy Diva’s world may also be along the same lines.

This type of sex is a win-win situation for both of you at that time. It can or cannot work out. However, the outcome of that encounter is satisfaction for both of you. 

Normally, such kind of sex is a starting point of something bigger later on between the two of you depending on how the transaction was carried out. But, at that time of the bond, there’s nothing much to expect in return. It’s just a friendly fire. Just like friendly matches in various sports activities.

  • MO 626 Affair

This is the transaction that is done with financial returns in mind.This is the “I-don’t-give- a f%$k-whom-i-get-laid-to-so-long-as I-get-paid kinda sex.It is this type of transaction that has driven many a female soul down six feet deep avenue.It’s also this type of a business venture that has resulted in some uptown Divas like yours truly to be mistakenly labelled all sorts of disgusting names just because of the stupid few who are into this industry.

As expected, MO 626 sex has no flings attached.

Tell you what, our beloved Charming Princes, never pay for sex, unless she’s a …

  • A balanced diet sex

Sex is part of a human being’s need. it’s very hard to live without it. It’s human nature. So, at time, we Sexy Divas, and all women out there may transact this business with you simply to satisfy our cravings, nothing much; just like the way you do with cigarettes or a bottle of vodka. Does drinking Malawi Vodka make you an employee of Malawi Distilleries Limited?  At times, we just wanna flex our muscles, or may be to ease up our moods at that time.

  • Let’s get silly sex

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Brazil or France for example? Ever had such kind of fantasies? Well, we too, Divas do have sexual fantasies once in a while. For example, how does it feel getting laid to a married dude? How does it feel having a business transaction with a dreadlocked fella? So, just like you Dudes, we them chics also do become predators once in a while. So, once we have our fantasies, we go on a rampage hunting for that dream prey. Once you’re identified, we can use all the charms in the book to lure you into fitting into our formula. Once it’s done, then, well, it’s done; off we go! Just like the way you do as well.

  • Perfect Sex

This is the Biblical sex that has nothing but emotional attachment. This is the type of business transaction that involve chemical reactions between you too and you can feel it inside you that you are indeed in the garden of Eden. When done with the right partner, this is the best you can ever get.  This is that type of a business venture that has long term scars in your lives. It’s so demanding, requires patience, commitment and trust.

Such type of sex is hard to get by. In the era of MO-626 Sex, It’s very hard to differentiate the two. 



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