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Transforming trash into ‘gold’ – the Curious case of Trashion Movement


By Zaward Likatho.

It is a relatively new clique on the land, but looking at the the project that it is venturing into, one would wish the team had existed long time back.

Trashion team is a new fashion line in Blantyre whose main aim would shock many; transforming that trash into fashion. The etymological meaning of Trashion is TRASH, and FASHION. The group is on a drive of recycling paper and plastic and any recyclable material into something which is appealing to the eye.

in an interview with Entertainment Malawi, the co-founder of Trashion Team, Getrude Gugu Mlanga said Trashion is geared to clean up the Mudi River in Blantyre by making use of the disposed raw materials, otherwise regarded as trash and turn them into eye-catching artefacts. She hopes such an endeavor can enlighten the masses on the best ways of disposing of of their wastes.

”We have organized an art competition for both primary and secondary schools in which we first provide civic education on the importance of recycling and teaching them skills on how they can turn recyclable products into artwork,” enlightened Gertrude.

Gertrude further revealed that Trashion team has partnered various fashion designers to come up with various clothing styles out of recycled materials.

”In order to achieve our goals, we are working with fashion designers to come up with recycled clothes and also various artists like musicians, poets, painters, actors and videographers to host various shows around Blantyre to educate our youths on the importance of recycling,” she added.

Among the various artists working with this movement, is Mzati, real name Mzati Lyght Chiwanda. The artist is already in the booth, composing a theme song for Trashion. According to the artist, he is exhilarated to be part of this noble course.

“I like giving out to the community. When they approached me, I felt being part of the team will help my fellow youths realize that recycling is the best key to overcome diseases like Cholera and also having healthy communities,” said Mzati.

Trashion Team | Mzati in white shirt

Mzati further called upon his fellow youths to take leading roles in changing the status quos of their respective societies.

“I would like to advise my fellow youths to act now and not always wait for government to fix things for us when we know we can fix it for ourselves” he added.

Trashion was formed about a month ago by Gertrude Gugu Mlanga, and Manota Andrew Mphande.

Currently, the movement has opened its doors to potential partners in the interested areas.




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