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By: Alepha M’bang’ombe

To most urban music lovers in this country, the name Sir Patricks has become a household name as he is a darling to most music lovers countrywide courtesy of his angelic voice and appetizing lyrics.

Born Patrick Mambulu in 1992 as a second born in a family of four, Sir Patricks lives in the commercial city of Blantyre- where he plies his musical trade.

In an interview with Entertainment Malawi, Mambulu said his father is the one who inspired him to venture into music adding that apart from inspiration, his father also encouraged him to venture into the creative industry and Music industry in particular.

“He taught me so many things about music including voices and music notes. I owe everything about my music journey to my father,” said Mambulu.

Mambulu released his first single in 2014 when he was in Form four at Zingwangwa Progressive Secondary School in Blantyre. The single, ‘Ndidzamtsatira’ talks about following a girl lover who dumped a boy and got married to another person. The song lyric goes like;

Ngati anzeru akum’mawa nyenyezi yanga ndidzaitsatira ah ah

Ngati mamuna wabwino mkazi wanga ndidzasamala aah aah ah

As of now Sir Patricks has released ten singles such as M’mene ndimamvera, Odziwa pomtobwanya, Ndife ana anu and Khanda Mmanja just to mention a few.

He confided in this reporter that he is currently working on releasing his first ever album. However he was mum on its release date saying “The album will be out so long the preparations are finalized anytime soon.”

Sir Patricks has collaborated with several artists such as Dali, Blaze, Jay jay Cee just to mention a few.

In the song which he collaborated with Dali and Blaze entitled “Mtima wachikondi, ”he was complaining on what other people become cheaters in relationships. The song lyric goes like;

Ndinali nawo mtima wachikondi mmene ndinabadwila

Sinaonepo a bamboo anga kumenya mayi anga

It was my wish kutsata mapazi awo

It was my wish kukonda mkazi wanga.

Insights into M-Dubz urban music

Malawi urban music has come of age. He said that music in Malawi has tremendously developed compared to the past.

Mambulu said, “You can see in Malawi we have artists who have earned international recognition either through collaborations or international stage shows far and wide. This speaks volumes of how as a country, we have matured in music.”

Adds he, “The unfortunate part with our music industry is that markets for music are not readily available as in the past where musicians used to sell. Technology has contributed to piracy which affects artists as a result, artists mainly rely on live performances to make money.”

Pastime activities

Sir Patrick’s is a fan of listening to music and watching movies. His favorite local artists include Lulu, Dan Lu and Skeffa Chimoto; while his favorite dish is rice served with chicken.

A word to the youth

He concluded by advising the youth to focus on what they are doing and never get discouraged on the way.

 “My fellow youths, pray and work hard because nothing comes easily,“ advises he.



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