Happy Valentine’s Day



By Kenneth Chizotera Mkandawire

14th February 2019. This is no ordinary day. If you’re reading this article, you should know the hullabaloo that comes with this day.

It unofficially a “lovers’ day. This is when all hell breaks loose. Red and white gears flood almost all corners of the streets. Romance is hardly ignored on this day. It’s the Valentine’s Day.

Decades have passed ever since the renaissance of the 14th February which is annually acknowledged across the universe to appreciate love among God’s creation of mankind during this month.

It is a fact beyond reasonable doubt that even though this day is quite known by all and sundry, but you cannot overlook the ignorant perception possessed by different races towards the day as they still celebrate it under the veil of uncertainty.

For instance, what’s the essence of this day? Is it the exchange of rose flowers and other priceless bouquet, romance, etcetera? Or is it just a mere expression, well, who knows?

If given a chance to move around your neighborhood and make a research about this day, you would be surprised to learn some responses which barely attempt to answer what Valentine’s Day is all about.

A lot has been said about Valentine’s Day, from religious perspective all the way to the secular world. Still some people are blindfolded as far as expounding its authenticity and its actual expression towards love holds.

This is the reason people appreciate this day in dynamic traditions basing on their own definition of the Valentine’s Day.

Common sightings show a good number of people perceiving Valentine’s as a singularity that has to be appreciated on the sole grounds of intimacy. Oftentimes, most of us send messages of love and affection to the ones who are so dear to them. Couples spend special moments together to honor their love for each other.

The truth however, is that the Valentine’s Day goes beyond the mere romanticism. It can be celebrated among friendship and admiration. Yeah!

Still in doubt? Let’s draw our special attention about the origin of this commemoration. 14th February came to be labelled as a Valentine’s Day after Saint Valentine, a Catholic Priest who lived in Rome in the Third century.

During his times, many Romans were converting to Christianity. Ironically, the-then Roman Emperor, Claudius II was a Pagan. He created strict laws about what Christians were allowed to do. Claudius was so much devoted to Rome that he passed a law preventing soldiers from being engaged.

Valentine was against the idea. He had the passion in young people’s marriages. He promoted love between man and woman by making sure that nobody was blocking the love coming from a woman to a man or vice versa.

He then began to marry them in secret Christian ceremonies. This, ladies and gentlemen became the genesis of his reputation for being a firm believer in romance.  

He eventually got convicted after being discovered for this was a crime against Claudius. He was executed on 14th February in the year 270. So, by and by, his handiworks reached all corners of the earth to the extent that his death day, February the 14th, was dedicated to him, in honour of his gallant fight for romance.

So why celebrating February the 14th?

Well primarily, St Valentine is more of a symbol of love hence the acknowledgement.

To begin with, Valentine’s Day is all about reconciliation, leveling all the tensional forces which might have erupted between couples along the way.

Secondly, it is about building strong bonds in marriage. Intensifying the bonds between married partners, making corrections where things went wrong and making marriage a better dwelling where love birds would spend the rest of their lives. That’s the power of reconciliation.

That aside, to those who are still in relationships with the intention of getting married which is the most common goal for this stage of life, Valentine’s is the avenue for them to grow stronger and become mature for getting into family.

Above all, it is all about sacrificial love just like how St Valentine portrayed. No wonder this day is characterized by red clothes, signifying the bloodshed and sacrifice of one’s soul (Valentine) and white clothes on the other hand symbolize purity for the Priest died for initiating pure love among youthful lives.

So, on this day, let us shower our loved ones with all the praises they deserve. Happy Valentine’s Day to all loved ones out there!



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