Lately we, the music lovers, have been surprised with the love you the musicians are giving us; you are calling us your fam. We have seen you in our inbox with your messages, very beautiful and persuasive messages. You start like ‘hello fam, as you know the UMP awards are here once again, please vote for me as best bla bla bla by doing bla bla bla’.

As much as we like it that you are calling us fam and the bliss it brings, we tend to wonder as to when we have become your fam. Out of the blues, we are now a FAM. Is it just a mere coincidence that we are now a Fam at a time when UMP Awards voting lines are officially opened? Really? Is it because you want our votes?? Mmmmhhh!!!

I wish you could scroll up first and see our previous conversations when we were your fans and you were our giant musician, before we became fam. You showered us with blue ticks that sometimes made us wonder if you were really using the inbox for communication or just for receiving and seeing messages. Go back to that conversation ‘our lovely fam’.

Weren’t you the same, of course some of you, who were telling us the upcoming to be texting your manager if we wanted something from you? Where is that manager now? Has he been fired now? The Musical Philosopher is of the view that your manager should have been the one to hie-fam us on the UMP awards. That, in business, is called, returning the favor.

You should just be thankful that we have been raised in a God fearing nation so we were raised to believe that we shall never give back evil. But if it wasn’t for that, we would have told you to talk to our manager if you also wanted our votes, like the current status quo. Of course you would have been asking if we have managers, the answer is no but that would be the polite way of saying go to hell.

As a matter of fact, you should know that we laugh at you when we have seen your messages in our inbox. After we laugh you off, we say go to hell! We do not find a reason to vote for someone who has been giving us blue ticks ever since the beginning of his/her rise.

So ‘our great fam’ I just want to know as to when will this fam end? When the awards are done? And what if you do not get nominated? Or you get nominated but then you fail to grab a single award? Will ‘our lovely fam’ continue? I am sorry to hastily conclude that it will be the end of the beginning of ‘our great fam’. The ‘vote for me’ fam.

Let me not waste too much of our time fam. I, the Musical Philosopher, want to share with you just a single tip of advice. I hope and indeed greatly hope that after taking my advice, next time you will be musicians and not politicians. Well, I know you may not take my advice on the occasion that my letter has hurt your feelings but the choice is yours, take it or leave it.

Fam should not come because of awards, fam should be fam from the beginning to the end. When there will be a fam even when there are no awards, we will vote for you even without begging for the votes in our inbox. We will just vote for you because you are a ‘real fam’ to us and we wish you well.

Lastly, you need to know that we do not vote for you, we vote for your products therefore if your products leave a lot to be desired, we cannot vote for you even when you call us fam.

Until I see the fam that we will be after awards, I remain yours truly, the Musical Philosopher. Let me also take this opportunity to wish you well fam. All the best.



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