By Chifundo Zingunde (Attacking Goalkeeper).

It’s holiday time in the elite league as the first round was officially wrapped up last weekend with Nyasa Big Bullets commanding the ship.

With Nyasa Big Bullets yet to test defeat, and having a three-point lead over their nearest rivals, Silver Strikers, Yours Truly thinks this was way too predictable since day one. Well, I won’t explain why as that is food for another day.

So, as the teams have gone into recess, who’s got the bragging rights, and who’s got it all wrong. Let’s take a ride!! Who’s won it all? Who’s flopped?


3: Big Bullets: Having played more away matches than home, and having the meanest defense, plus not yet tasting defeat stamp authority of the most successful club on the land. The future looks so bright with the coming of their wonder boy, Dalitso Sailesi, expect nothing but mayhem!

Sscoring wizard Patrick Phiri has been a marvel to watch; not to mention their shot stopper, Robson Chiyenda.

  1. TN STARS: Without a doubt, the surprise package of the round so far. After a shoddy start to the elite flagship, the Meke Mwase boys have left many in awe as they have proved to be a hard nut to crack.

Although the gap between them and the third bottom side Mzuni is just 2 points, but occupying position 10 , and with the never-say-soccer type, Yours Truly can attest that they are one of the winners in the league. Calling a spade by its rightful name, literally nobody but theirselves (TN Stars) gave them a chance they could withstand the TNM Super league heat. But here they are…rookies with a heart of a lion. Hopefully, there will be a replica of their performance come the second round.

So sweet is also the fact that youngster, Stain Davie is living his dream as he is the top goal scorer in the league currently. It simply doesn’t get sweeter than this!

1: Fans: Now We from the terraces, are the biggest winners of the first round. The soccer fraternity has watched competitive games in which the underdogs have reigned supreme and giants have been falling. Day in day out We From the Terraces never relented but kept on supporting our teams, or ganyus, From Kalulu stadium all the way to the scorching Karonga Stadium, we have all been there motivating the 22 men on the pitch to show as what they got. Viva soccer!


3: Men in Black: Refereeing in the first round has been very pathetic, more especially in the northern region. Team officials would agree to this even the home teams have been victims of this vice. Men in black need to pull up their socks and avoid putting our noble game into disrepute. JACK up! Know the rules of the game osamangolubwa lubwa in your uniforms.

2: MAFCO Fc: This has always been a top 8 team, alas not this year as it sits 1 point above the bottom side, Nchalo United. Their worst so far. Mafco lacks consistency and their porous backline needs amendment, failing which, second tier football may be looming. Soldiers! Soldier on pull up the gear.

1: People from Blantyre: have lost the derby glory for a year now. They don’t have a place where they can call home. There is no match venue that can contain the fierce Blantyre derby. No wonder, we have been reading such headlines as “Blantyre Derby in Lilongwe”. Let’s wait for the second round, maybe, maybe something may change. Until then, who knows!

Drama awaits for us in the next Round. But for now, Tipume!



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