Thou shall not do these silly mistakes at a Karaoke


By Ronald Ross

Picture this, here you are, performing at a karaoke event and the slow music starts to play in the background.

The standing ovation is so deafening…and all of a sudden, your mind plays a trick on you. All of a sudden you question yourself, why am I here?

“Do I really sing well?”

“Should I just go back and sit?”

If you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation on the stage, then first ask yourself – can I perform at karaoke?

If yes, then get to know about the basics of karaoke. Once you understand that, you should know what not to do at a karaoke.

Still not sure? Okay, let’s take a ride.

  1. Opt not for a Lengthy Song

People generally choose short songs which are very high tempo. It is not too boring for others or else people will start to walk out.

Also, it’ll consume your time holding the karaoke mic. Such things may lead to others missing the chance to perform. Limited time asks for time management so it would be better to choose the best song.

2. Sing not a Slow Song

Karaoke events are fun, and many are times people do drink during such events. So, there are possibilities of people not liking your slow song.

Hooting brings your morale down and results in disappointment. There are songs that you must never sing for a karaoke. Long instrumental music should not be opted at all cost.

It would lead you in taking a long halt and breaking the momentum. Try and choose some peppy and energetic songs to take the crowd on another level.

  • Watch your mouth; less talk before the action

Karaoke is all about songs. Very few of them like to hear a speech or a long introduction.

Don’t talk before you sing, it could work against you.

This increases the chance of breaking the momentum. It’s not automatic that great singers are always best public speakers.

Do not use your pre-song time to make a joke or comment about the song; it doesn’t work, not if you’re not a professional.

4. Pick a song you’re familiar with

There are times when we get excited about singing. Especially with friends or colleagues, but you must know the next song.

A completely new song might make you look like a fool as you’re not aware of the lyrics, tone or timing. Such things can spoil the performance of the entire group.

Get some prior knowledge about the song and you can also practice it in your mind.

5. Utilize the audience; never be a lone ranger

Many people are so engaged in performing that they forget that there’s an audience. Audience is also equally involved and some particular songs are sung in chorus or with the audience.

You must have the idea of taking a pause and let the audience sing along or call a couple of your friends.

Generally, group songs are very entertaining, also engaging with the audience gives them a boost and it keeps the spirit of the song alive.

6. Practicing is a virtue

Even if you are a professional or a very good singer, never stop practicing karaoke as you know, practice makes a man perfect.

If you take singing at karaoke seriously, then you must consider how important it is to practice as karaoke for professionals is the latest trend. It’s a very eventful career option, be it club, parties, disco or events.

You must keep on practicing and one day your singing can take you to a new level.

Fellow entertainers, now that you majorly know what not to do at karaoke you can now go out and enjoy your singing, also keeping the points in mind, prepare for the event well before and give your best.

Yes, it’s all about enjoying the moment but the given points can prove to be a cherry on the top.

Author Bio

Ronald Ross is a well-known expert in the field and has been guiding people for a long time. He writes frequently at Loud Beats and believes talent should reach people through various platforms.



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