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By Dadcorf Junior.

FACT: Mzuzu City has no referee who can handle a top flight soccer match.

Barely a few weeks, two if not mistaken, when one man in black tainted an otherwise entertaining match between Moyale Barracks Fc, and Blue Eagles at Mzuzu Stadium, the weekend gone by saw another ref depicting a similar feat, if not surpassing it.

Here’s the scenario. I am a ref officiating a usually temperamental Mzuzu derby. I’m obliged to caution a player with a yellow card if his action/s are deemed unsporting. I do that. And now the player becomes a villain again… now, Refereeing 101 tells me that I’m supposed to fish out a red card as the player in question had committed a serious foul. What more? He’s already on a yellow.

Alas! The team mates for the said player surround me, and start issuing threats to me. What do I do? I withdraw my card. Ethical. Right?

Such was the case in the Mzuzu Derby involving Moyale Barracks FC, and Mzuni FC. As expected, the victims, Mzuni FC’s supporters started throwing missiles into the pitch, disgusted with the unethical officiation by this pathetic man in black. The match had to stop for about 15 minutes as officials tried to calm the situation.

Immediately after the final whistle, Moyale Barracks FC players, most if not all of them soldiers, went on a rampage, manhandling the students’ supporters. It was a Malawian version of some war torn region, perhaps in Darfur.

What the heck is wrong with referees? Rather, what is wrong with Mzuzu-based referees? We, From theTerraces had warned about such amateurish errors some time back, but it seems Sulom has given us a cold shoulder! Now see the soccer world is being flooded with hooliganism.

Soccer venues are slowly being turned into some battlefronts where there’s developing a thin line between life and death.

All this mess on the Mzuzu derby could have been avoided if the officiation was up to standard.

Minus the ref, the blame game goes to all and sundry who contributed to this avoidable mess. Mzuni FC supporters, Moyale Barracks FC players (the soldiers, who, otherwise are supposed to be more disciplined), and the useless security personnel that was hired on this fateful day. Panja penipeni!!!

We, From the Terraces, are eagerly waiting for Sulom’s verdict on this issues! Give them their dues Sulom!!!


Anyway, Top 8, second leg match. Moyale Barracks FC vs Big Bullets. Mzuzu Stadium! Give us a signal mama!!! Torch them indiscipline soldiers mama! Moyale will pay for their sins. Mizimu ya ana asukulu yakwiya! Bar man give a guy green. No, green is not what it used to be. Give a guy, frozzy Zampira…!



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