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By Chifundo Zingunde.

Malawi’s super gifted rapper, Third Eye was yet again highly underrated as only a handful of people turned out for his show at Mzuzu stadium on Saturday.

The show marked the genesis of his mission, termed ISSA tour, in which he, in collaboration with FDH bank are mobilizing Malawian youths to appreciate financial management in their day-to-day lives.

Initially, the event was scheduled to kick off around 10 AM, and the prospective patrons were supposed to part ways with a meagre K2000.

But when the hour cometh, there were a handful of people, literally less than 50 that entered the venue; prompting the organizers to slash the price by half. Still to no avail.

Hours passed. No changes. By 17:43 hours, the organizers then opened the gates for the show to be free; still very few attendees.

Despite the low turnout, Mandela (Third Eye) proved that he is indeed a giant in the music circles after dishing out a five-star live performance; leaving the audience yearning for more.

Third eye | ISSA Tour | Mzuzu stadium

So what went wrong?

Poor organization reigned supreme. Our inquiries reveal that Swag Entertainment; a Mzuzu-based events management company were given a three-days notice to bail out Mandela.

According to the Managing Director of Swag Entertainment, Francis Mkandawire, many factors contributed to the show’s dismal outcome.

“I think they missed a point on many factors like publicity, and the venue; but the most important factor was publicity. The latter is the main key in organizing shows of which the promotion hype began only a day prior to the concert,” said Mkandawire.

Minus that, most promises were not met. Those who expected to open up FDH bank Accounts as advertised on the ISSA tour poster, went out frustrated as no FDH agent was insight.

And for those who expected one hundred thousand kwacha WAPI open mic competition will have to wait for the next tour since none of open Mic competition happened neither.

Out of the things that Mandela promised on his adverts only a few were met; the likes of surprise artist(s) of which Classick showed up and spiced the show together with other Mzuzu Based artists like Homage, TNM, Blackface Family, and Wakisa James among others.

Third eye | ISSA Tour | Mzuzu stadium

Reacting to the poor patronage, Mandela said there was a need to re-consider scheduling free shows so as to continue preaching his message (financial literacy).

“I think lesson learnt is that so many young people had wanted to attend the show but they couldn’t afford. So, I have to go back to plan for a free show that will enable youths to get relevant information aside the entertainment part,” said Mandela.

However, The Lilongwe based rapper expressed positivity from the positive feedback the audience displayed.

“I don’t care! That thought will never cross my mind (being underrated) You saw the crowd energy; it felt like a big crowd. So you don’t have think about people that did not come, rather think about people that showed up,” said he.

While others would have wanted to remember the ISSA tour that happened at Mzuzu Stadium for its great performances, and mainly for Mandela Mwanza’s energetic rapping, many instead have a sad memory of a good-show-poorly disjointed.

(Listen to the post-show interview EM had with Mandela from the link below)

Click here [Audio Interview]



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