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By Thecla Thando.

Men are still earning more than women for working the same jobs, and there’s still plenty of sexism in and around the job. Sometimes it’s tough being a woman especially in workplaces.

Thankfully there are plenty of women fighting these small-minded ideas everyday and Chikondi Carolyn Kawonga is one of them.

Chikondi Kawonga a 25 Year-old lady is well known in the northern capital of Mzuzu city because of her famous cosmetic and beauty shop, “Wamaka Cosmetics and Beauty shop” and it is because of the name of the shop that she’s also commonly known as Wamaka.

Wamaka who started her business on 5th January 2017 says she decided to employ herself because being an entrepreneur has always been her dream ever since she was a child.

“I decided to employ myself because being my own boss has always been my dream and I’ve always wanted to employ others . I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur hence I started up this business,” she said.

Wamaka said she started with the little money she had and with the support from her Fiancé she managed to make a name in the business world.

“I didn’t have much money when I decided to start up this business I started in a simple way with the little money that we managed to find with my fiancé.

My fiancé ha indeed been a great pillar of support in my life psychologically as well as socially hence I have managed to reach this far ,” she recalls.

Chikondi Kawonga

Turning point in life

When she was starting up her business, Wamaka wasn’t sure of whether she was going to make profits or not. However her story changed when she finally managed to get more customers and more orders from her customers in her first year of her business life.

“My business life changed in the very first year of my business when I managed to get a lot of customers and from just getting orders for cosmetics. I even got orders for bags and clothes and after that I made a lot of profits and that’s when my life changed,” she narrated.

Wamaka also told me in the course of our chat that there was a moment she felt like giving up but still because she has the mind of a man and works very hard for something she believes in; she managed to move on and here she is.

“There was a moment when I ordered goods and they over stayed on the shelves and it was really difficult for me to pay for my shop rent. I felt like giving up but because of the love I have in my business, I soldiered on.


Delays from customers who sometimes buy goods on debts and delay in payments is the biggest challenge and biggest draw back in her business.

Advice to aspiring boss ladies

Start with the little you have. Believe in yourself and make yourself your own boss.

Role Model

Oprah Winfrey- Her determination amazes Chikondi.


Expand my business into a big cosmetic and beauty accessories shop where I would like to have two shops in Mzuzu and also open another one in Lilongwe.

Ways of Marketing

Through her Facebook page.

If you would like to your own boss, Chikondi Kawonga who describes herself in four simple words as being determined, focused, hardworking and humble is one rare breed that you can learn from.



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