ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Fiona Jacques Manda(La femme fatale)

It’s no road if it ain’t gat no meanders; relationships are no exceptional. Being in a relationship comes with it some challenges and one of them comes from unlikely sources. Those around us, specifically our friends. Not all friends do wish us good. Others are there to see us rotting in the pangs of misery. Others are there to make sure that we lose our hard-earned Baby Boos.

Jealousy is one of the vices that can ruin one’s relationship. It literary comes from all corners; Friends, foes, haters, and acquaintances alike. Not all around you wanna see you sailing peacefully in your camaraderie. They would make sure they spend every dime of their selves to wreck havoc unto your life. So, it’s wise to sense red lights of these jealousy ones before they ruin your life. If any of your surrounding does all or some of these, run for cover, they’re bound to ruin your relationship.

 If they persistently bad-talk your boo

No matter how holy your partner is, believe you me, some will still paint him black, more especially those who don’t wish your relationship well. Think of it, your dude is out with his boys, and someone from no where tells you something contrary to what you know. Most people who give stupid tips are the ones that are on the forefront baying for the ‘blood’ of your ‘baby’. They would want you to get fed up with the drama, then lose your head and kick your man outta your life.

But alas! Later you realize once you make such a childish mistake would you see him in her arms.

If they keep on digging your dark’ past to him

We all have skeletons in our closets, don’t we? The past is history and we can’t move into the future if we keep on clinging onto our past. After all, nobody can change their past.

At times, you tend to wonder how your partner tend to know every detail of your past, more especially your dark past. Which museum archives your dark past? Funny that the history them haters vomit to your hubby is mostly dominated by the blacks, and nothing white from you is revealed. Secrets agents are all over town focusing on your previous mistakes and highlight them to you hubby all in the name of tarnishing your image to him.

If they never appreciate your new found love

What I know is that we get excited when one of our colleagues finds love. It’s something we must all be glad of. But it’s unfortunate that the very same people you thought were friends tend to get mad at the mention of your relationship to the extent of getting depressed. For what? Why hating your relationship? What are friends for?

Consistently offering you destructive pieces of advice

It’s normal to ask your girlfriends whenever there’s is a problem in your relationship. As friends, you would expect them to bail you out. What if if they keep on giving you wrong pieces of options let alone keep on criticizing you day in day out? Are such friends worthy keeping?

Tell you what? If you’ve that one friends who constantly blames your partner for the problems you are going through in your relationship know that she is jealous. Besides, a true friend must help you to deal with the problems at hand, and not to always bring negativity and confusion within you.

If “Breakups” is their favourite last resort

One more hint; a jealous “friend” always choses a breakup as the best option for a relationship, which, on the contraryisn’t supposed to be the case. If your friend is happy, you are expected to do the same. If a problem arises, you have to take a step into helping him\her unto the normal channels to heal their wounds. But then you would find the next girl telling you “Mutaye Basi” Really? Is that person for real? How can one let go of a person without handling the tension that would divide you at the very end?

Dear Divaz, whenever such sentiments vibrate your eardrum, just blink twice or thrice, and move yourself outta the speaker’s vicinity for they’re worth less to be your friends. They’re destroyers.



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