He’s still unknown in the country’s music circles. However, going through his tale, you would tell Ovachi has not only a story to tell, but also a rich dream that needs some minor panel-beating before it becomes a reality.

Ladies and gentlemen, our underground man, Gibson C Kamanga has dug deeper and uncovered this rare breed of Malawian raw talent, Ovachi, who is also known as Olij.


The Mzuzu-based artist is not only into singing but also into music production. As to why he has two stage names, be our guest.

  • Stage name: Ovachi/ Olij
  • Birth name: Julius Chimaliro
  • Entertainment industry: Music performing and recording artist
  • Band: Afritude Band
  • Date of birth: 28 December 1990
  • Music Genre: Traditional, Pop, Rock, & Reggae

Meanings of the stage names

“Ovachi is just a combination of my names… Oliver Chimaliro: it’s somehow funny how I interchange my stage names. I use Ovachi as a stage name when I’m singing …but use Olij beats for music production label.” He reveals.


Origin of the passion in music

2012 is the year Ovachi, the artist came into existence. Just like any other child, curiosity was killing the-then Julius. He was amused every time he saw a person plucking a guitar. Luckily, his buddy, George Chiumia had one. And your guess is as good as mine. Of course back then, Julius was just doing it for fun. No musical intention was in his mind. He was just doing it as a pastime activity.

Time is the master so goes the adage. The same applies to Julius. Days turned into weeks, and the latter into months. When that was happening, his guitar antics were also upping. He was gaining momentum, and passion for active music, now started thickening.

It was therefore no surprise that come 2013, he recorded his first song at some studio (name deliberately withheld for fear of tarnishing their image). The outcome was whack. In fact, it was whacker than the word whack. The quality was below par.

It was such anger and disappointment that Ovachi pondered on producing songs on his own. The adrenaline inside him convinced him that if he could spend more time studying the musical production particulars, he too, could perfect the skills.

Then, he started recording immature song samples via his brother’s PC using the famous Adobe Audition 1.5 software. As he recalls, that was the dawn of his musical production.

“My passion for musical production caught the attention of one, Mtaka Munthali who promised and purchased recording and producing equipment and recruited me to his “MJ records” in Luwinga, Mzuzu in 2015,” he recalls.

Musical producer you grew up admiring?

  • I’ve always admired the productions of Abstract Records.

Role model (musician)

  • Wambali Mkandawire, and Lawi


Currently, Ovachi is a Diploma student at the Malawi institute of Journalism, Mzuzu Campus. Being a student, and an up and coming producer-cum-singer, marrying those two tasks is becoming hectic to him as both require time. Much time.

“The only challenge I have currently is space management between my Journalism studies and music production. I find myself trying to work hard on both sides just because I source money in music production that I use to meet some school needs …so this is the big challenge I face.

Unforgettable moment

Unfortunately, Ovachi’s memorable day is rather a day he would have wished it was erased in his encephalon. Forever!

It was on the 31st of December 2017.

Afritude Band was set to perform at Jamrock Café in Nkhata-Bay for a new year’s eve party. Upon reaching the venue, Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi, ESCOM did what it is famed for, blackout. Electricity was nowhere in sight.

However, Afritude Band came prepared. The monies to carter for the said emergency were entrusted in the hands of the band’s chauffeur who also happened to be a cousin to the band owner. As fate would have it, the driver was nowhere in sight. He went A.W.O.L.

Waiting they did but no changes. The lights came back by around 3 AM of the following day, 1st January 20118. As expected, the fans had already left. Afritude had lost it!

Crew members had to make a U-Turn to their base, Mzuzu. Enroute to their base, the Malawi Police officers detained their car, for about three hours as it was deemed not roadworthy. It had to take their boss (the band’s owner) all the way from Mzuzu to intervene.

The journey recommenced. But not for long. Another misfortune struck.

“After the boss had sent the money we started off, and the vehicle had to break down again soon after we had passed Moyale Barracks. We tried pushing but nothing worked….we were so damn hungry plus we didn’t have enough sleep. It was an open car so we could not leave it there with all the band equipment. It was almost lunch when we thought maybe that car needed fuel,” he recalls.

They sent somebody to buy gas for the vehicle but alas! The problem was more that fuel could handle.


The future

Five years from now, Ovachi/Olij, whatever you wanna call him, dreams big. He wants to be his own boss, musically.

“I wanna do my own stuff; becoming a revered musical engineer. At least, I wanna own a professional media company that can spot talent and promote it.


So, ladies and gentlemen, be on the lookout for Ovachi AKA Olij as he pushes through his way up the M-Dubz’ musical ladder.



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