Road to success



By Constance Pindikani.

 “Don’t spend more than what you can earn”

Back in high school, famous literature story was the prison monger, a story that you would read over and over again. That aside, the main character in the story was good at words. Take a look at this quote for example, “When you stretch your arm to reach higher things, you lose the little you had under your arm hence high expectations make frustrated men”.

As Young Generations, we have dreams to be tycoons in our world which is good at all times, everybody must aim high. The road to success is like the tinny muddy path that needs more than just dedication. Some carry on, soldiering all the trials and tribulations to be where they are; that’s the reason we see bosses in towns, yet some give up and live to regret.

So if you want to be successful, marry this article that will drive you to safety measures of the Road to success. Some people always want to talk about fancy cars, clothes, and phones what have you. Even to spend more than what you earn! Check mate you might lose your future too even the next generation to come.

Here are some of the few things we need to do before we think of spending the little we had mercilessly.


Orlando Bloom once said, “The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspiration”. Budget does not only cut expenses but also reduce debt. We fall into debt not just because we don’t value our standard but we aim for more. Common saying goes “don’t swallow what you cannot chew, so youths get your note pads! Get your phones and laptops set to type your budget. Thank me later!


Friends born with minds that are Chubby with Deluxe life are not worth to keep. They may lead you to make obnoxious decisions that would a day or two put you in trouble. Be smart! Negative peer pressure is not good for people with Big dreams. “The mind is what the mind is fed”-David J Schwartz. So be around the best. Imagine you have friends that have money and spend anyhow such that you feel out of place. Obviously, you may be tempted to spend like them. If you are out of money, you intend to owe people debts possibly . There is something magical with knowing where you come from, and how you find yourself in that current situation. If you know you are not capable of spending much, just stay back, don’t try to be someone. Be you!


“If you take short cuts, you get cut short”- Gary Busey

Be content of what you have, without losing track of time No short cut in life works better than patience. So true when it comes to success, there are no short cuts . Things like, my clothes are not appealing, look she is wearing an expensive dress, look how shabby I am. These are Questions that would drive your mind to the short cut of getting what you want. Aiming high is different from feeling dissatisfied. Reason? Satisfactory comes with a sense of wanting more in a descent way. There times when life seems hard; wait, have patience. Learn from those hiccups you will sing the song of glory.


Experience shared, saves a lot of souls. After all, intellectuals aim at learning from such know-hows   grasp mine, free lecture. Welcome abroad , Way back when I toiled with academics in my Journalism class my language skills tutor ,my favorite of course I will call him Mr. G , always told me that “that there is actually no wrong way or right way, the way you present your idea matters most”. One would tell that Mr. G is crazy but he had a point. Confidence matters in life. Having and believing in your goals can never lead you down once you set your goals , Chase them with vigor. Hope and confidence you will have what you want . Now set your goals, and chase them. Welcome to the world of Success.


Mistakes in life are avoidable and worth not repeating, why?   Because once repeated you fall and once you learn from them like an eagle you fly away without losing focus of your target. As matter of fact, mistakes free us from sabotaging fears and help us to remain positive. Don’t give up, and learn from your falls later rise like a phoenix from the ashes until you reign supreme in life.



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