Worried beautiful lady


ThE SeXy DiVa

By Philes Davis

Under normal circumstances, every lady out there wanna be beautiful. I mean, who doesn’t want to lure men her way? Who doesn’t want to be that beauty Princess who could be on every dude’s lips? Ever thought of the challenges super-good looking Princesses face in their everyday livelihood?

Tell you what? Being beautiful, no matter the positivities that come with it, has also the ugly side of it.   The Fat Sexy Diva is a living example of such a sad reality. 

The Sexy One knows that her fans have their eye brows raised now, wondering what she is up to. So, without much ado, lemme just highlight a few points on how beauty has become a burden for us, true beauties.

Beauty attracts too many rabid dogs

These men will always wanna be seen to be associated with them Pretty faces in town. Dudes, Malawian dudes will trouble you with endless texts, phone calls, and love proposals all in the name of being closer to you. At times, you tend to wonder where they get our contact details from.

Being equated to Slay Queens

The Fat Sexy Diva would sound a little bit harsh, but anyway, truth indeed does hurt; however, a lie is always worse. You see, in Malawian setting, being gorgeous is translated into being a Slay Queen, a euphemistic word for a whore. For God knows-why, cute ladies are more-often-than- not, considered cheap and the unfaithful. You would see a Malawian dude settling for a good-looking deficient lady all in the name of not running away from being finger-pointed as to have settled for a cheap whore. Really? When did being gorgeous become a crime?

Makes us feel uncomfortable

Dressing up and going somewhere attracts a lot of uncomfortable stares from hungry dogs and fellow ladies alike. This easily makes some of us uncomfortable too. Humans staring at you which makes u feel uneasy. And if that’s not enough, silly comments also heard our directions. But why? Does it mean being Sexy means you’ve to become a Sex toy to all and sundry?

People think your success is due to your beauty

So funny how most Malawians are quick to pin-point issues they’ve no idea of. In Malawian setting, you can’t be beautiful, brainy, successful, and single at the same time. No way!  Whoever said these elements can’t go hand in hand needs to be crucified, for sure. Nothing good should come to a single, pretty unmarried lady. Mmmh!

Beautiful ladies can’t be single

Very funny that men get scared of you thinking you’re already taken. Reason? Beautiful ladies can’t be single. Come on!!! We’re not that cheap that we can just get hooked anyhow.


Fellow Malawians, isn’t it high time we learnt not to judge our integrity by our looks? It’s not a sin to be born beautiful. And in the same way, it’s not our fault that you, or your partner may have been born deficient in looks.  



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