The Stranger I met whilst on Duty


By Chifundo Zingunde

Locked in my small room, windows open to escape the scorching rays of summer sun, here I cometh again, my Dear Diary. Like always, I’ve a lot to tell you today. And I’m still pondering on which one to make headlines unto your page today.

On a rather sad note, I’m still at pains having realized that the world had fooled me that long distance relationship was a workable phenomenon. My god! I’ve learnt it the hard way. Why didn’t the world tell me that long distance camaraderie works only if you’ve a fat wallet? Anyway, lesson learnt.

Now, I’m back to my base, The City of Singlehood.

Anyway, enough of my misery. I don’t want to wet your pages anymore. Allow me to focus on the positive side now.

Dear D, I met a stranger.

It was one beautiful workday, like any other day. For whatever reason, on this particular day, I had the zeal to pump in all my energies towards the satisfaction of my employer. I went on some business errand. I was chasing some news idea.

Like a flashlight, my eyes saw the multiple colors in high intensity; not from the sun, no! It was from some super bright morning star. My heart sooner started perambulating much faster than normal. Like a cheetah on a hunting mission, so too was my heart. It was a feeling I have never felt before. No matter how hard I tried to calm my nerves and concentrate on what I was there for, my mind could not.

Her flickering eyes brought me memories of that romantic biblical book of Song of Songs. She was there, gazing at me. We sat diagonal to each other in one of the popular conference rooms in town.

 “May you keep this bag for me please; I want to buy some airtime,” She Said.

It took me time to realize the plea was heading towards my direction. How she had narrowed the distance, only her knew this.

Her voice felt like Lulu’s music in my ears. Who could refuse such an offer? My silence was an automatic Yes! I felt my lips heavy, failing to utter anything sensible.

Halfway before I had even managed coding my gambit, she quickly came from her ‘outing.’

Some deaf silence struck in between. So to appear as a real gentleman, I quickly asked for her name so as to maintain the conversation.  She positively responded.

Another graveyard silence befell unto us again. That silence when you realize you’ve divulged too much secrets to a stranger. “Should I make the move? Shouldn’t I? I kept on asking myself as she was there, shyly smiling at me. What a lovely sight it was!

Well, this was one of the longest moments of my time. I wanted her vacate my sight. I had nothing else to say as I was afraid of another famous cardiac arrest. I was cornered.

That was not all. My editors were already on my neck asking for my services back at the office. Donice. Why Donice?

Long at last, she left!

Whew! Dear Diary, can I take her heart with me? Should I entrust her with all my love? Or is it just too quick to make such a move?  Tell you what? The thought of her is just so irresistible! Her sight is still lingering in my head. I just can’t resist the feeling though some inner voice tells me I may easily end up in a fools’ mate. Loving a stranger, oh!! 

Another crazy issue is that Donice is also a close friend to my crazy friend, Mada. So it’s like a blessing having two Madas in my life, hahaha!

Lastly, I’d made up my mind never to jump into another Love ship this soon. But looking at Donice, mmh! I can’t afford the thought of her in somebody else’ arms. So sickening.

Dear Diary, I’m in a fix.

Well, until next time, I hope I will return with the good news. Have a blessed Sunday Dear Diary, keep on storing my feelings in words and keep my secrets safe.



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