By Constance Pindikani

Joan Collins said Money, material things, success, men, women, beauty, lust… cannot last forever, and definitely cannot make one content. Genuine love, and appreciation is what can leave a person fully contented.

By now, The Young Generation should know that we all strive and struggle to earn self respect, and make a living. We all strive to look outstanding and adored. This is not bad at all, it is actually very normal, and anyone who is lazy will thus fail to accumulate the necessities in life.

As human beings, we all need that genuine love, loyalty, that indeed money fails to bring to us. The young generation should know now that success should be craved, but it should not make one remorseful.

Let us look at some of the numerous gratifying reasons why the young generation should opt for appreciation.


Happiness works hand in hand with appreciation. This is the truth, one person that is gratefull will mostly be happy. The young generation should not be lazy, nor shunning away from achieving their goals in life. What they should know is, these material things, keep calling and luring you, and if not careful, they could destroy. Just know when you’ve had enough, let you control your surrounding unlike the other way round.

Managing stress

I like to think appreciation is mostly like a drug that one needs to take from time to time. Stress comes in as a result of dissatisfaction. One often feels society will consider me foolish if I don’t look outstanding, or have wealth. If I don’t get the pretty girls, handsome boys, rich ones etc.. I figure this is all to impress others. What about how you truly feel deep down? If you haven’t tried medicated on this drug called appreciation, well try it once!


There are people who think love is exhausting, it stopped existing, there are people who think of nagging girls, or boys when they hear the word love. Perhaps they have not felt the love love. Love can never be bought with money. Love is what we all seek. Love that comes from family and friends, and anyone around us is what we should really strive to see. Much as money, or success are so delicious, they can never really buy genuine love. So many people today strive to find out why people are attracted to them between money and their looks, fame and personality. When you concentrate on appreciating more than accumulating more, love, the greatest gift of life will surely find its way to you.


Don’t let money and the luxuries of life make you less of a human and more of a robot. Most people shut down their love for people that they are not scared of walking over others, that breaking others does not seem like a hard job. In the quest of succeeding, do not forget the state of being human first. Respect other people, do not feel more of a person than others. Being sensitive is what makes a human being. Appreciation will make you realise life’s most important things are not just wealth.


The Young Generation ought to know that women, men, lust, beauty, material things, monetary things can slip away. Love of a family, friends, is what really makes the going easy. Satisfaction should be what we strive for in the midst of achieving our goals, because that is when we experience a much more comfortable life. Accepting what comes our way, dealing with the ups and downs. Life gets really hard, the young generation should therefore start to point out and realise what really matters in a persons life.



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