By Yona Gondwe

“It’s not easy. Adding lines to make a meaningful message in form of a song is not that easy. If it was, everybody would’ve been a musician.”

That is the view youthful rapper, Quest says every time he talks of his art. 

Quest, as his name insinuates, foretells somebody with a vision in this industry; and his is to reflect real life situations. That is why, according to him, his songs are always info-rich.

“I usually compose songs which reflect the current situation and real life issues which include love, religion, politics you name it! My songs are there to inform, educate and entertain,” he lectures.

Quest kicked off his career in the professional world of music in 2010 with a song, “Sungandithe”, a collabo with one Gerald Banda.

From then onwards, Quest has seen his career rising, with other scintillating solo songs, and collabos with the likes of Toast, Ill-Mind, and Valine among others.

Quest is still growing, musically. To him, every time he listens to Gwamba, and Classick, he is always motivated to pump in an extra gear so as to be somewhere one day. Ironically, the youngster is dying to have a collabo with Tay Grin one day.

 “My plans are to make more mature music for my audience and my dream is to do some song with Tay-Green.” reveals Quest.

Like some of artists, Quest says one can never make it in the musical world if they lack passion for the game.

“Passion is the genesis of good things in life. If you lack passion; there’s no way you can make it!” he enlightens.


Quest advises fellow up and coming artists that they should always have a mission if they want to achieve it in life.

 “Developing artist should have positive energy that they will make it and work hard on what they want to achieve,” advised Quest.

In addition, Quest says it is high time Malawian musicians marketed theirselves and earn something out of their sweat.

“Gone are the days when you could be staying idle; let’s utilize our talents, market them and make money out of them,” he advises.

Mini Bio

  • Birth name: Penjani Malata
  • Stage Name: Quest
  • Date of birth: 1st August 1999
  • Hobbies: playing pool, composing songs
  • Favorite artist: Lawi
  • People he frequently hangs out with: The Racko Kid, Mental Booming and Dizzo

Social Media handles

  • Facebook: Quest Nyasa
  • Instagram: Quest_99_world
  • Twitter: Quest Nyasa
  • Whatsapp: +265992584333



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