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By Nomsa Rhudo Mwale

It’s been said countless times that it is important for not only the Young Generation but everybody to always guard whatever comes out of their mouths. This is why there is a need to always think properly before we make any statement for fear of the reciprocating reprisals later on. As Young Generation, we need to be courageous enough to air out what is on our mind. Fter all, we are living in a free country where freedom of speech is the norm.

As one Brian Tracy notes in his 7cs to Success article, courage is not just for the fainthearted. It is for the people who are strong enough for the critics that will come after because what makes a man stronger is the dead end coming on a sudden day. This is the sole reason Aunt Nomsa is preaching to the Young Generation to always guard their acts and the things that come out of you. In short, “Think before you speak”.

So, when we talk, we have to be ready for the impact our words can have. If you are not that mentally strong, then the best thing you can do is not to utter any anything. It becomes ridiculous to be retracting what has already gone out of your mouth for the damage might have been done already. So, if you have the following traits, just know that you are unfit to air out your mind.

Easily frightened

One great mind once said “Fear is not real. It’s a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.” If your own words will twist your feelings at the end of the day, never say anything. I understand that if you do not need somebody to get what you are thinking, then do not let it out. People are always afraid of what somebody will say after they say something. If you are the type of person cannot handle people’s words on you or reactions then do not say a thing. Even a little can damage everything so watch out and say none when you are the easily frightened type.


The worst thing to do in life is to have the whole zoo under your control but still run when a lion is out of the jungle. Never stand up in a crowd that is quiet to shout when you are not brave enough. Timid people are always less of everything. They cannot stand on their actions or words.

People who normally take back their words are always finding philosophies to justify their cowardice. They do not know how it affects the people around.

If not ready to be right

Truth and freedom,

Having Few lovers,

are demanding mistresses.

This quote always gets me on my strongest level, today everything needs you to buy. Even the truth you buy, freedom very expensive. Is it how things should be or is this how everybody else should be? There are a lot of us who want the truth to come out but are so afraid of who will love us at the end. We are so terrified by the thought of losing people’s interest in us, but is it about the people or ourselves? Never say a word when you are not ready to stand on the truth. Always let it burn inside you because once you say it and fail to defend it, your words will mean nothing and hatred will become your best friend. Learn to live according to what you can contend with never pass the limit of your choice when you want to say something.

When you do not handle losing people

It is common knowledge that “you do not bite the hand that feeds you.” that is very true and if you know that, that is the only hand that can feed you, no matter what you try, then never taste the chances with your mouth. People will always come into your life in multitudes, but sit down, look deep into each and every one. Watch them closely and see if they are worthy being around you. It is not everybody that will keep you from the truth that will always watch your back.

Careers are important, family and friends, relationships but one thing you have to remember is that what you have, that is coming from deep inside you cannot be compared to what somebody gave you. But at the end of the day, people are still afraid of what will happen next and they are losing themselves in trying to win credit. Do not bite the hand that feeds you if you are so afraid of losing everybody who is in your life because it is not everybody in life who is really that important, the picture might have been filtered than reality. sometimes even the hand that feeds you can be on the other side of the road while still with you on this side.

So fellow Young Generationers, let us Think before we speak!!



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