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By Fiona Jacques Manda(La Femme Fatale)

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it but to enable it” –  Antoine de Saint Exupery

Wanna know the difference between mature relationships and kids’ stuff?  Planning! It’s that simple!

Not only is planning crucial for your camaraderie but also in every serious issue, a noble human being needs to plan ahead. One needs to have a vision before making any commitment; romantic or otherwise.

You see, immature relationships just do it for the sake of enjoyment, forgetting that being in love is a serious business and requires one to have a blueprint way before it happens. Having a plan for your life is more than just scintillating; it saves you from harm.

You are prepared for the future

Successful relationship do graduate into marriages, often times. And marriage is no kids’ stuff. A lot goes on inside the confines of a marriage setting. This is why when you’d properly laid out the plan on the direction of your relationship, it’s so easy to handle the pressure.

Helps you to assess the relationship

Planning ahead and having a vision will not only make you feel secure, but also will help you assess your relationship. It’s really challenging to know how to do this, but if you had a vision it will be as easy coz you’re gonna check on the plans you’ve had with your partner. Whether you are new in a relationship, or in a long term, you need to know your stand. Always take stock of the exploits of your affair and judge whether it’s worth it.

Planning helps you manage your partner’s imperfections

The commonest denominator about childish relationships is that most of them focus on knowing the good side of their other halves; very few also take time to understand the weaker side of the baybie boos.

Tell you what? Knowing the shortfalls of your side B is equally important. By virtue of being born of a woman, never shall we be 100% perfect. Never! So, having plans already set about your affair will assist you to compromise…to contain the imperfections of your lover.

Once your other side starts manifesting their other colours, you can never be that much shocked for in your plans might have already groomed you for such mishaps.

It will give you satisfaction

Ineverything we do, we need to have a feeling of contentment when a desire and expectation are fulfilled. Whenever one has a plan and a vision, they do their very best to achieve the goal and this will eventually bring satisfaction to both parties. It’s only when this is met that everyone will be willing to give their all to the relationship. Be it the achievements and the failures; they both make a difference.


Dear Princes and Princesses, remember, it’s no relationship if it has no clear-cut plans. What’s the vision of your affair? Where do you wanna be one-two-three years from now? What’s the core of your relationship? Play it safe; have a blueprint for your affair. It saves!



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