Miss P


ThE sExY DiVa

By Philes Davis

Men, I’m not done with you yet! This week, I’ve brought you another familiar topic, the topic about Miss P. Yeah! That usual place you like hanging out on.

You can agree with me, guys that minus your usual pub, the Holy Land between ladies’ legs is one of the most attractive centres you like patronizing. I’m I lying???

Tell you what? Miss P has no problem. It’s all on how you handle her. You see, she can earn you a celebrity status overnight. But just like every action (has a reaction), so too is this piece of land. If handled carelessly, it can also be the worst nightmare to have ever befallen you.

Guys, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, when it comes to Miss P, please, tread carefully. When properly handled, Miss P can be the “bestest” companion you can ever have. But when taken for a ride, Little Miss P can bring some of the following miseries unto your life;

Sexually transmitted Infections

It doesn’t need some Principal Secretary in the ministry of Health to enlighten you that the leading entry point for most venereal diseases is the Miss P route. You see, no Miss P carries that sticker that says “I’m rotten inside”. Never! It just takes a minute for you to hit the jackpot and voila! You open the Pandora box of the Herpes Simplex of this world, The Gonorrheas of this world and what have you.  Before you insert your flash disk unto her, know her Sero status, otherwise, it doesn’t kill to put on that sox.

P3$$y addiction makes you look stupid

A ‘cat’, when improperly handled, can make a powerful dude look stupid.Ever seen how male dogs behave when running after a bitch that’s on heat? Yeah! That’s exactly how some male souls behave once they get inebriated courtesy of Miss P’s charm.

Once inebriated by the power of this place, no sane decision can ever come out of a dude’s head. No wonder, many a once-sensible fella have ended up going six feet deep courtesy of their failure to control their ever-heating speedometers. To such sorry dudes, Miss P becomes their everyday bread and butter. No matter how many other flash disks may be inserting unto her, this Head over Heels fella will stop at nothing but still insert his there as well. You’ll see them draining all their energies, all their hard-earned Kwachas to Miss P, the killer bee.

Forsaking friends, and relations

Another sad element that develops out of Miss P addiction is the delusion of forsaking your true friends and relatives alike. You’ll find Miss P addicts creating a buffer zone between theirselves and Miss P on one hand, and long term friends and family on the other.

To them, only Miss P matters. So bad is it that often times, those being forsaken are the very same friends and family who’d been with you before Miss P, and even once the side effects of Miss P reigned their terror unto you.

Developing P3$$Y chasing elements

Once you’re on your way to your twilight, you tend to think that you’re gonna get one more delicious Miss P, than your last one. Unfortunately, little do you realise that it’s just lust that’s driving you from one ‘hole’ over to another, with no satisfaction. Too late will you realize that you have just ruined your precious life all in the name of the P factor. 

Lemme tell you this. No Miss P is sweeter than the other. All Miss Ps are the same; that bedroom wrestling is but a mind game. In short,Tthe City of “Sweetness’, as far as bedroom battles are concerned, lies in the State of Mind. It’s all about mind games. Nothing much. So stop wasting your time to find a Madam Perfect. That lady only exists in your mind. It’s simple logic!

Need I continue on the dangers of getting yourself carried away with Miss P? Just when you’re on the road, know this;” Speed thrills, and kills too. Observe the speed limits to avoid hitting the drains!”

Until next time, adios!!



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