The power of Compatibility

   ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Fiona Jacques Manda (La femme fatale)

Forget about holding each other’s hands in the streets. Forget about being called boo, or bae…mature relationships are more than what meets the eye.

Often times, we’ve seen blissful couples ending in disarray all because of incompatibility settings. You see, incompatibility is one of those crucial factors that couples tend to ignore in their affair. Unfortunately later on, its sour fruits tend to manifest itself. And oftentimes, the manifestation is rather an hour too late as the damages are already done…relationships hit the rock.

It is important that before you say “yes” to his love proposal, have a soul-searching journey of your would-be partner so you know them if indeed you’re gonna be a perfect match.

Being incompatible with your loved one is a sure way of killing your relationship within seconds. Incompatibility is a tormentor, a killer of all hopes.

 Still doubting? Let’s take a look at the havoc this monster can wreck.

Incompatibility makes you uncomfortable

It’s no relationship if comfortability amongst the two of you is but a stranger. How can you build a future together if you feel like strangers to each other?

Take a look at those relationships whose players are unable to share their dreams and fears, their gratitude, or sorrows. Doesn’t it look like the two are at separate ends of the planet?  Incompatibility breeds insecurity, fear, and anxiety over oneself and your other half as well.

It will prevent you from priotising your relationship

Sometimes we are so obsessed with other things that we forget how beautiful it is to love and be loved. People make silly mistakes by thinking that the fancy clothes and cars are the things that would make their relationship last. It’s only the passion and commitment that you have towards that particular relationship you’re into that will make your bond stronger.

Every relationship needs to be priotized. I understand lots of us are always trapped in our busy schedules, but if you care about the wellbeing of that relationship, you make time for it. This can and does happen only if the two love birds are compatible, able to understand each other properly. 

It prevents you from resolving your personal problems

Not even Jay-Z and Beyoncé, nor Barack and Michelle Obama ever sail smoothly. Every relationship does pass through turbulent times. In relationship, you will stumble a thousand times, have countless fights, but it takes the will of the partners to mend their relationship.

It takes real courage and determination to accept your wrongs and move ahead. This can only happen if the two of you are compatible…you may have different egos yeah, but if you are able to understand each other, it’s easier to amicably sort out your issues.  It’s only when you’re compatible to your partner that can you actually swallow your pride and  realise the hidden problems that your hubby\girl is going through.

Fellow Sexy divaz, let’s make sure that before we say a “Yes”, always check If the compatibility settings are a complete match.



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